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Managing report subscriptions

Only tenant admins can turn the Subscriptions setting on and off for the tenant. However, both tenant admins and analytics admins can turn individual subscriptions on and off, delete them, or change the owner of a subscription.


Subscriptions to reports require the following:

  • The Subscriptions feature is turned on. Tenant admins can change the Subscriptions setting in the Management Console, under Settings > Email sharing > Subscriptions.

  • An email server is configured for users to receive reports by email, see Configuring email support.

  • Users have an account email address.

User self-management of report subscriptions

Users are not dependent on admins to subscribe to reports about charts and sheets. In the hub profile menu, under Subscriptions, users can see an overview of their subscriptions with different actions available. See: Scheduling reports with subscriptions. When a user creates a subscription, they become the owner. A subscription owner can add recipients.

Administering report subscriptions

Tenant admins and analytics admins can edit users' subscriptions in the Management Console.

Do the following:

  1. In the Management Console, open Subscriptions.
  2. In the leftmost column, select one or more subscriptions.

  3. Use the buttons to delete, disable, or enable the subscriptions.

Tip noteTo edit a single subscription, you can use the Navigation menu. You can use this menu to change the subscription owner.

Subscription status

In the Sent column, the status of the latest delivery is displayed. The following table shows the different statuses.

Latest delivery status
Status in Sent Description
Creating... When creation is not immediate, a spinner is shown.
Sent by email

Date and time refer to when file generation started, not when the email was sent.

Information noteIn addition to scheduling a delivery, users have the option Send now to immediately start file generation and mail delivery, independent of any scheduled delivery.
Failed to send Error message when the app, chart, or sheet is missing. Date and time refer to when file generation started.
Deleting... When deletion is not immediate, a spinner is shown.
Never sent If the app, chart, or sheet is present and subscriptions are enabled, reports are sent according to schedule, or when a user uses the Send now option.
Information noteDate and time in the Scheduled column refer to when file generation starts, not when the email is sent.