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Administering Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense administrators are responsible for deploying, configuring, and managing the Qlik Sense subscription and environment. The Qlik Sense SaaS environment offers centralized management and governance and helps to ensure user adoption, accuracy, and system reliability.

Qlik Sense supports three types of administrators:

  • Service Account Owner (SAO) – Responsible for managing and configuring the Qlik Sense SaaS subscription (or trial). The SAO is considered the global or master administrator. The service account owner can be changed by contacting Qlik. The service account owner is the initial tenant admin.
  • Tenant admin – Responsible for managing the organization’s Qlik Sense environment. This can include user management to system extensions to system customization. The tenant admin role has full access to the management console. There is always a minimum of one tenant admin.
  • Analytics admin – Administration role limited to managing the Analytics service’s user resources. User resources are managed in the Management Console. This role can help organizations improve their system governance by restricting an administrator’s capabilities (instead of granting full tenant admin capabilities). For example, an analytics admin cannot manage users or system security. There is not a minimum number of analytics admins.

Managing the Qlik Sense SaaS subscription

This section explains how to manage your SaaS subscription using the My Qlik portal.

System administration

This section describes SaaS system administration.

User management

This section explains how to manage users.

Managing identity providers

This section explains how to set up and manage your identity provider.

System security

This section describes how to manage system security.

Data security and governance

This section describes how to manage data security and governance in Qlik Sense.