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Qlik Sense®

The most powerful and complete solution for modern BI

Our next generation data analytics platform empowers people of all skill levels to do more with data. Freely explore in any direction using interactive selections, global search, and natural language interaction. Take advantage of powerful smart visualizations and AI-generated insight suggestions.


Our classic guided analytics solution

QlikView lets you rapidly develop and deliver interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards. QlikView and the game-changing Associative Engine it is built on, revolutionized the way organizations use data, putting BI in the hands of more people than ever before.

Data Integration

Qlik Replicate

Universal data replication and data ingestion

Qlik Replicate empowers organizations to accelerate data replication, data ingestion, and real-time data streaming across all major databases, data warehouses, and big data platforms.

Qlik Compose

Agile data lake and data warehouse automation

Qlik Compose simplifies all aspects of data lake and data warehouse design, development, data loading, deployment and updates by automating the most manual, mundane and repetitive tasks.

Qlik Gold Client

Streamline your SAP test data management and SAP modernization initiatives

Qlik Gold Client improves the availability, security and quality of data in your non-production SAP environments, thereby increasing developer productivity while maintaining referential data integrity and reducing storage requirements.

Qlik Enterprise Manager

Centrally manage data replication and pipeline automation across the enterprise

Qlik Enterprise Manager is the unified command center that helps you configure, execute and monitor your data pipelines across the enterprise.

Qlik Catalog®

Enabling Analytics with Trusted, Business-Ready Data

Qlik Catalog is a modern enterprise data catalog solution that simplifies and accelerates the profiling, enrichment, transformation, cataloging, and delivery of analytics-ready data.

Qlik Catalog® for QVDs

Easily discover, understand and consume QVD files

A fully searchable catalog enables data consumers to easily find and select the QVDs they need without having to navigate complex folder hierarchies or rely on file naming conventions.

Value Added Products

Qlik Insight Bot

AI-powered conversational analytics

Bring data-driven insights to more people with conversational analytics that let them interact using chat and voice within Qlik Sense, Skype, Slack and more.

Qlik NPrinting®

Advanced reporting and distribution

Quickly create beautiful, visually-rich reports leveraging your data and analytics with easy distribution in a variety of popular formats, including Microsoft Office and PDF.

Qlik Alerting

Intelligent, data-driven alerts

Enable sophisticated, data-driven alerts for Qlik Sense with our intelligent alerting platform, helping users proactively monitor your business and take timely action.

Qlik GeoAnalytics®

Powerful location-based analytics

Make better location-driven decisions with easy-to-understand map visualizations and location-based analytics that expose hidden geographic relationships.

Qlik Connectors®

Real-time connectivity for any data source

Gather and combine your data from file-based, on-premise, cloud, web and big data sources to quickly support analysis across previously disparate data.

Developer Platforms

Qlik Core®

Native cloud analytics development platform

Qlik Core is an analytics development platform built around our powerful Associative Engine and Qlik-authored open source libraries. Build, extend and deploy fast, interactive data-driven applications delivered at massive scale within any cloud environment.

Qlik Analytics Platform®

Embedded and custom analytics

Everything you need to build simple mashups, create custom analytics or embed rich and engaging analytics into your applications, portals and beyond. And you can do it all from a single platform with a proven governance and security framework. Explore the full collection of Qlik Sense APIs.

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