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Managing user resources

Tenant and analytics admins are responsible for managing the Analytics service’s user resources.


Apps are used for visualizing and analyzing data. Admins can modify app properties such as ownership and space, and can delete apps.

Managing apps

Alerts (only Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS)

Alerts are used to monitor data, and to detect outliers and anomalies. Admins can turn the alerting functionality on or off. They can also turn individual alerts on and off. The alerting functionality is not available in Qlik Sense Business.

Managing alerts


Themes are used for styling apps by changing colors, adding images and backgrounds, and choosing fonts. Admins can manage all themes and upload themes to the system.

Managing themes

Data reload schedules

App data can be reloaded using predefined schedules. Admins can review and delete the schedules.

Managing reload schedules


The Events page in the Management Console logs each system event. Detailed information about each is also available.

Reviewing system events