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Sheet view

App developers add visualizations and other elements to sheets in an app. App consumers interact with the sheet for data analysis. App developers and app consumers can interact with Insight Advisor to generate visualizations using natural language queries.

Click Sheet under the Analyze tab in the navigation bar to open a sheet.

Develop sheets in edit mode. Interact with sheets in analyze mode. Explore your data with Insight Advisor in Discovery.


Click Edit to edit a sheet.

Sheet view in edit mode

Sheet view in develop mode.

You can do the following:

  • Click Sheets to add a new sheet, or to navigate to a sheet.

  • Click Assets to open the assets panel. Add assets to your sheet. For example, you can add a visualization to a sheet. See: Assets panel

    For assisted creation of visualizations, click Use assisted explore to use Insight Advisor. See: Creating visualizations with Insight Advisor

  • Click Properties to open the properties panel. Configure the properties for a sheet or visualization. For example, you can add dimensions and measures to a visualization. See: Properties panel


Interact with visualizations and data in a sheet.

Sheet view in analyze mode

Sheet view in analyze mode.

You can do the following:

Selection actions
UI item Action
Selections - History Step back in selections.
Selections - step forward Step forward in selections.
Selections - Clear all Clear all selections.
Selection search

Open smart search to search in the entire data set.

For more information, see: Using smart search

Selections - Current Open the selections tool, which is an extension of the selections bar.

Options menu

Right-click a chart, or the click the hover menu More, to open the options menu.

Menu options are different depending on whether you are editing or analyzing, the chart type, and the privileges that have been assigned to you by your administrator.

The hover menu will look different if you have touch screen mode enabled on a supported device. You can disable touch screen mode in the global menu.


  • Full screen: Expand visualization to full-screen mode.

  • Exploration menu: Change certain visualization properties, without making selections or editing the sheet. See: Visual exploration

  • View data: View the data for a visualization in a table.

  • Share: Share the visualization in different ways, for example as an image, a link, or an embedded object.

  • Create alert: Create an alert for the data in the visualization. See: Monitoring data with alerts

  • Take snapshot or open Snaphot library. See: Collecting insights for stories using snapshots

  • Download: Download the visualization in different formats, such as an image or a data file.

Insight Advisor

Click Discovery or ask a question from the Insights search field to generate visualizations with Insight Advisor in Insight Advisor Discovery.

Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor open in a sheet

For more information, see Creating visualizations with Insight Advisor.

Touch gestures in sheet view

Touch gestures
Touch gesture Action
Long-touch and release Open the shortcut menu
Long-touch a visualization Open the options menu
Swipe Scroll lists and visualizations
Pinch Zoom in or out on visualizations
Two-finger tap Select an interval in a list, table or bar chart axis
Two-finger swipe Pan a scatter plot visualization
Three-finger tap Reset the zoom level of a scatter plot visualization