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Introducing Qlik Cloud

Welcome to the Qlik Cloud Data Integration and Analytics platform—a single-solution modern data stack with capabilities to move enterprise data from on-premises and cloud sources to Qlik's hosted self-service analytics solutions and other analytics environments.

Qlik Cloud is available in multiple editions, supporting the varied needs of our customers, including the U.S. Public sector. Qlik Cloud Government is only available for the U.S. Public sector and has differences from Qlik’s commercial Qlik Cloud offering due to the security protocols required to support the U.S. Public sector. Wherever possible, Qlik keeps both platform offerings in sync for product features and capabilities. For more information, see Qlik Cloud Government overview.

Qlik Cloud supports two primary sets of services that can be used together or independently:

Qlik Cloud Analytics

Qlik Cloud Analytics, a hosted service, sets the benchmark for third-generation analytics platforms, empowering everyone in your organization to make data-driven decisions. Built on Qlik's unique Associative Engine, it lets you search and explore across all your data, revealing insights that can be missed with query-based tools. The Qlik engine supports self-service analytics, interactive dashboards, conversational analytics, custom and embedded analytics, mobile analytics, reporting, and alerting. For more information, see Analyzing data.

Qlik Cloud Analytics subscription options

Qlik Cloud Analytics is available in two subscription options:

  • Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS: Qlik Cloud is Qlik's hosted platform for Qlik Sense Enterprise, empowering people of all skill levels to do more with data. Your organization may use Qlik Cloud independently or as part of a multi-cloud deployment.

  • Qlik Sense Business: Qlik Sense Business is a SaaS solution that brings the power of Qlik’s third-generation analytics platform to groups, teams, and small to medium sized businesses that want to quickly operationalize analytics and make data-driven decisions. They can easily co-develop applications, share insights, and grant groups of users access to create, edit, or interact with content.

All subscription options bring the power of Qlik’s third-generation analytics platform to groups, teams, and businesses that want to quickly operationalize analytics and make data-driven decisions. Users can easily co-develop applications and share insights.

Enterprise subscribers have some additional features, increased data capacity, and higher limits on users and the size of standard apps (in-memory). Qlik Sense Business subscribers (including trials) can upgrade to a Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS subscription without creating a new tenant, so that information and data are maintained.

For detailed comparison of Qlik Sense Business and Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS features, visit Qlik Pricing.

Where applicable, this documentation set notes differences in the subscription options.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration

Qlik Cloud Data Integration is a hosted and managed Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). It helps data engineers deliver, transform, and unify enterprise data in real-time via automated, governed and reusable data pipelines. Replicate data in near real time from on-premises or cloud data sources into Qlik Cloud or other cloud data BI environments. Data can be automatically cataloged, transformed, and delivered securely for immediate analysis. For more information, see Integrating data.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration subscription options

Qlik Cloud Data Integration is available in three subscription options:

  • Qlik Cloud Data Integration Standard

  • Qlik Cloud Data Integration Premium

  • Qlik Cloud Enterprise

Qlik Cloud Data Integration subscriptions are based on a capacity model with the volume of data moved with Qlik Cloud as the primary value meter. The higher editions provide additional features, advanced data sources and transformations, and higher data capacity. All subscriptions include Qlik Cloud Analytics Standard.

For more information, see Qlik Cloud Data Integration subscription options.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration and Analytics: How they work together

The combination of data movement and transformation with integrated analytics represents a holistic and comprehensive enterprise data life-cycle. Qlik Cloud Data Integration delivers data with unified metadata and lineage into the metadata catalog in a readily consumable format for immediate application creation and analysis. Cloud and enterprise data sources are securely transferred through automated data pipelines created, managed, and monitored within Qlik Cloud.

Qlik AutoML

With Qlik AutoML, analytics teams can easily generate machine learning models for predictive analytics and what-if scenario analysis – all within an intuitive, code-free user interface. For more information, see Machine learning with Qlik AutoML.

Catalog and lineage

Qlik's integrated catalog of technical, operational, and business metadata empowers people to easily search and immediately use trusted, relevant data. To learn more, see Understanding your data with catalog tools.

Qlik Application Automation

A no-code cloud service that streamlines workflows between SaaS applications and Qlik Cloud. Qlik Application Automation provides a no-code visual interface that helps you easily build automated analytics and data workflows. For more information, see Qlik Application Automation.

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