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Configuring email support

Configuring an email server enables users to subscribe to reports and share charts. Users can also receive notifications about apps, notes, spaces, and alerts.

You must provide an email server from which emails are sent. You can use an SMTP provider like G Suite or Office 365.

Tenant administrators can modify email server settings.

Configuring an SMTP email server

Do the following:

  1. In the Management Console, select Settings.

  2. Under Email server, enter the server address (SMTP) from which to send email notifications.

  3. Enter the port number for the email server.

  4. Choose the appropriate security type: 

    • StartTLS

    • SSL/TLS

    • None

  5. Enter the sender email address. This is the email address that recipients will see as sender.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • If the sender email address will be used as part of the email server credentials, select Same as sender email address.

    • If the sender email address will not be used as part of the email server credentials, clear Same as sender email address and enter an email address in the User name box.

  7. Enter the email account password.

  8. Click Test to open the window for testing the SMTP settings.

  9. Enter an email address where you will receive a test message and click Send.
    If the email server is properly configured, you should receive a message with the title: Test email from Qlik Management Console. The sender will be the sender email address you entered above.

Information noteTo prevent received emails from ending up in the spam folder, you need to add the IP addresses for your region to the allowlist, see Allowlisting domain names and IP addresses. These addresses can be also used for DNS SPF records.

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