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Managing automations

A tenant or analytics admin can manage automations from the Management Console. Automations are disabled by default in the tenant and only the tenant admin can enable them.

Users with professional user allocation can create automations. Automations cannot be shared or added to shared or managed spaces. To learn how to create automations, see Qlik Application Automation.

Enabling automations in the tenant

The tenant admin can enable automations for all users from the Management Console.

  1. Go to ConfigurationSettingsFeature Control.

  2. Click the Enable automations toggle to turn on automations in the tenant.
    Once automations are enabled, users can create new automations from the hub by clicking the Add new button.

The settings section of the management console showing enable automations turned on

Viewing automation information

A tenant or analytics admin can see all the automations from the Management Console, under Content Automations.

The management console showing the automations section under content

The automations are listed in a table showing basic information about each automation, like whether the automation is enabled or disabled, the status of the last automation run, and the automation run mode. You can get more information about the individual automation by clicking the Arrow down to expand a row at the end of the automation row. This table shows a history of automation runs, the status of each run, and the run duration.

Automations table from the management console with an expanded automation row

Enabling individual automations

A tenant or analytics admin may need to disable automations to prevent rate limits from being exceeded. Automations are enabled and disabled from the automations table view in the Management Console. When users create automations, they are enabled by default.

  • To enable a disabled automation, select the automation row and click Enable.

  • To disable an enabled automation, select the automation row and click Disable.
    When a tenant or analytics admin disables an automation, the automation owner will see a Disabled status on the automation overview page.

The automation editor overview page showing the disabled status

A disabled automation can be enabled by the tenant or analytics admin from the Management Console or by the automation owner from the automation overview page. This means that the tenant or analytics admin cannot prevent the automation owner from re-enabling their automation.

Changing the owner of an automation

The tenant or analytics admin can change the owner of an automation from the Management Console. This gives the tenant or analytics admin the ability to prevent an automation from being re-enabled by the owner. To change the owner, click the Three dots to show more options to open the more options menu, then select Change owner.

Automations table in the management console showing the change owner option highlighted