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Creating and configuring the tenant


Creating and configuring the tenant

Once you register for your subscription, you can create and configure the tenant. A tenant is a unit in the software subscription service from Qlik, a container for items such as users, apps, and spaces.

Once you receive your welcome email, you will need to log in to activate your account, and then create and configure your tenant.

Information noteIf you have not received your welcome email, contact Qlik Support.
  1. Click the Let's get started button in the email that you received from Qlik.
  2. On the Set up your account page, set a password in Create password. Check the box to indicate that you have read and accept the Qlik terms and conditions, and click Next.
  3. On the Almost finished page, choose a Region and click Get started.
    Information noteSelecting the appropriate region to store your data will ensure optimal performance. The region will be part of your URL. The default Region is selected based on the region that is closest to your location.
    Information noteThere is a maximum allowable number of tenants that you can create in a region. Contact Qlik Sales to manage your user account.

    You will be directed to the hub.

Next steps

Once you create the tenant, you can invite users and assign tenant admins. As the service account owner, you automatically become the first tenant admin when you create the tenant.

When inviting users, you can use an existing IdP, or you can use the Qlik Account. Qlik Sense Business users can only use Qlik Account, and no other IdP.

For more information about inviting users and assigning tenant admins, see: