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Using the Management Console


Using the Management Console

The Management Console is used for managing subscriptions, user assignments, manage spaces, themes, and extensions in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense. The Management Console should not be confused with the Qlik Management Console (QMC), which is used for managing Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. Only users with an Admin role (tenant admin, analytics admin, or data admin) have access to the Management Console.

The Management Console user interface is made up of four conceptual sections, each consisting of a number of different pages.


This section lets you manage users, alerts, subscriptions, licenses, spaces, schedules, events, and links.


This section lets you manage custom content, such as apps, automations, generic links, themes and extensions.


This section lets you manage security aspects for integration.


This section lets you enable feature setting and configure identity providers.

Opening the Management Console

Click Qlik Sense SaaS launcher menu. and select Management Console.

You can also open the Management Console by adding /console to your tenant address. For example, https://<your tenant address>/console.