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Managing Notes

You can enable or disable Notes in the tenant as a tenant admin. Notes are enabled by default.

Users can create notes to collaborate with others and share insights. For more information, see Capturing and sharing insights using Notes.

All users in a tenant, in other words users with professional or analyzer access, can create notes.

The tenant admin can see all the notes in the tenant by selecting Catalog in the navigation bar, and then selecting Notes from the Types filter. However, the tenant admin can only view the contents of a note if they are a member of the space in which the note is created.

Data security

Note authors can add a snapshot to a note from any data that they can access. This includes sensitive data that could be restricted to other users based on section access rules. If the note is in a shared or managed space, all other space members can see the snapshots that are in the note. Note authors should use caution when sharing data that other users may not be authorized to see.

Warning noteA user may have access to visibility of all other users within the same tenant - such visibility may include (but may not be limited to): user names, email addresses and the user’s subject, which is a unique string used to identify the user that is provided to Qlik Cloud by the configured Identity Provider.

Enabling or disabling Notes

Notes are enabled by default. Enable or disable Notes in the Management Console, on the Settings page, under Feature control.