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Managing alerts

As a tenant or analytics admin you can manage all alerts created in the tenant. However, only tenant admins can enable alerts in the tenant.

Enabling alerts

You need to enable alerts under Data alerts in the Settings page in the Management Console.

If you want to use email notification, you also need to configure an email server in the Settings page. For more information, see Configuring email support.

Managing all alerts

Tenant or analytics admins can perform the following actions on alerts on the Alerts page in the Management Console:

  • Delete an alert.
  • Disable an alert. This turns off scheduled evaluation.
  • Enable an alert that was disabled
  • Change the owner of an alert.

    • The new owner must have access to the app.

    • If the alert has multiple recipients, the new owner must have.Professional or Full User entitlement.

    Information noteThe app may contain data that is reduced with section access and used in selections in the alert. In this case the alert will not be evaluated for the new owner if the new owner does not have access. It will still be evaluated for all other owners that have access.

Managing your own alerts

If you want to change settings for alerts that you own or subscribe to, you can do this in the hub. For more information, see Managing your alerts.

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