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Self-service reports with subscriptions


Self-service reports with subscriptions

Subscriptions provide exported email delivery of visualizations and sheets. They show the latest data according to the reload schedule. You control your subscriptions and only receive data you are allowed to view.

A subscription report email contains:

  • An image of the visualization. There is no image if you subscribe to a sheet.

  • A link to the app.

  • A PDF of the visualization or sheet as an attachment.

You only see charts or sheets that you have permission to view based on section access, permissions, and user allocations.


Subscriptions have the following prerequisites:

  • Subscriptions must be enabled on the tenant.
  • You need a valid email address configured in Qlik Sense.

  • You need to have view permissions for the app in which you are creating subscriptions.

Creating a subscription

You can create a subscription based on a visualization or a sheet.

When you create a subscription, any selections or themes are saved. They will be applied each time the subscription is generated.

  1. Open the sheet in analysis mode. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click on a visualization, and select Subscribe.

    • On the top bar, click the Navigation, and select Subscribe to sheet.

  2. Enter a title for the subscription.

  3. Choose how often the subscription will run:

    • Weekly: choose which days of the week the report will be sent. You can select as many days as you want.

    • Monthly: choose which days of the month the report will be sent. You can select as many days as you want.

  4. Choose the time of day the subscription will send.

    This is the time the report will be added to the queue for generation. It is not the time you will receive the report.

  5. Click Subscribe.

Managing your subscriptions

Select Subscriptions in the hub profile menu to manage your subscriptions.

Click a subscription to see more details. You can also use the action menu to the right of each subscription. You have the following actions:

  • Details: View subscription details such as last sent, scheduled, and created.

  • View in app: Open the sheet or chart in the app.

  • Send now: Send the report immediately.

  • Enable / Disable: Turn scheduled emails on and off. You can still send a report using Send now.

  • Delete: Delete the subscription. This cannot be undone.

You cannot edit a subscription. You must delete the existing subscription and create a new one.


  • You cannot subscribe to filter panes.

  • You cannot subscribe to container objects. You can subscribe to objects inside a container.

  • You can only create up to 100 subscriptions.

  • You can only create subscriptions for yourself.