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What's new in Qlik Cloud

Learn about the new features and improvements in analytics and data services:

  • Analytics Services (including Qlik Sense)

  • Data Services (including Hybrid Data Delivery)

Note: Administrators should review the monthly Qlik Cloud release notes to better understand resolved defects, open issues, and limitations. You’ll find the release notes at Qlik Community Release Notes.

January 25, 2022

Augmented analytics

Insight Advisor Chat enhancements to Explore this further option

Insight Advisor Chat improves support for partial intent questions with the Explore this further option. The option takes you directly to search-based discovery within apps for deeper analysis. When you ask follow up questions to an original question and select Explore this further, the app opens with the selections applied for the full line of questioning, allowing you to continue visually where you left off conversationally.

The Explore this further option opens an app and applies selections to filter data on sales for Germany

The Explore this further option in Insight Advisor Chat shows sales data for Germany in an app

Exploring apps with conversational analytics

Monitoring data

Improved workflow for creating alerts

Enhancements to creating and setting up alerts deliver a more user-friendly and efficient workflow to help you accelerate time to action. Details from the visualization, such as title, measures, dimensions, and selections, automatically fill the associated fields when you start creating an alert.

Create alert dialog with improved workflow

Create alert dialog with updated workflow

Monitoring data with alerts


Improvements to managing variables

A top request through Ideation, our updated, flexible variable dialog simplifies the management of chart variables. Displaying all variable elements, including name, description, value, and tags, it allows you to add, search, and duplicate variables. You can even delete multiple (up to 20) variables simultaneously. These capabilities alleviate manual work and help teams work more efficiently.

New variables dialog

Pre-built templates in automations

January 18, 2022

Scripting help improvements

Set expressions tutorial

Learn how to build set expressions for set analysis.

Tutorial - Creating a set expression

Hybrid Data Delivery

Live views with Snowflake Storage data assets

Data Architects can now choose whether they want transactionally consistent live views when creating a Snowflake Storage data asset with change handling. Live views provide merge-on-read, low-latency data access to uncommitted change data. However, they can require more processing that could potentially increase Snowflake costs because status tables are regularly updated after every change batch is processed. Therefore, the new setting is turned off by default.

Creating a Snowflake Storage data asset with change handling

Augmented analytics

Business logic fine grain controls in Insight Advisor

Business Logic allows you to define the default grain for a calendar period, such as a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis. When you create behaviors such as default calendar periods, you can now specify whether to use or ignore the grain for a particular analysis, providing more advanced fine grain controls.

Default calendar period

Period over period dashboards in Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor now returns more robust period over period analyses in the form of entire dashboards, when users select or search for applicable fields. Instead of a simple chart, you get one or more charts and KPIs, along with a filter pane, allowing you to make selections and further explore comparative performance.

A period over period dashboard analysis

Visualization preview of charts in a period over period dashboard analysis.

Using Insight Advisor analysis

Insight Advisor analysis types


Deleting shared or managed spaces

You can now delete shared or managed spaces directly from Settings.

Deleting a shared space in catalog

Delete a shared space from the space settings menu.

Deleting shared spaces

Deleting managed spaces


January 11, 2022


Connector removal

The Facebook Fan Pages connector has been removed. Any instances using the connector will no longer work in Qlik Cloud.

Updates to the Twitter connector

The tables available with the Twitter connector have been updated. New tables include: Followers, Following, HomeTimeline, and LocationWithTrends. Tables that have been removed include: TrendsForPlace, TrendsNearLocation, UserLookup, and UserLookupById.

Twitter connector


Using Google Identity and OneLogin identity providers

A new advanced configuration setting allows you to use Google Identity or OneLogin as the identity provider with Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS and OAuth 2.0 applications. For more information, see the Advanced Options section in Creating a new identity provider.


December 21, 2021


New connectors

Qlik Application Automation now has seven new connectors in the following categories: Data Warehouses, Platform Enhancements, and Remote Applications. For more information about the new connectors, see the recent Qlik Application Automation post on the Qlik Product Innovation Blog.

Application Automation connectors


December 16, 2021

Data integration

Qlik Lineage Connectors

Now users can automatically pull together graphical data flows from multiple sources with the introduction of Qlik Lineage Connectors. This new addition to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS empowers users to uncover more lineage-related insights by accessing multiple Client-Managed BI tools and data sources to find and document those assets. The result is that Impact Analysis can not only show the data lineage of your Qlik Sense SaaS apps, but also the data lineage of Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed apps, QlikView apps and even Tableau and PowerBI apps. It can also show the upstream lineage of data stored in repositories like Snowflake or SQL Server.

Qlik Lineage Connectors

Connector settings dialog

Extracting lineage data with Qlik Lineage Connectors


New KPIs for catalog items

Catalog items now display KPIs that allow you to easily understand the popularity and usage of your content at-a-glance. New KPIs track viewing trends, the number of unique views in the last 28 days, as well as the number of applications that currently use a particular item.

KPI indicators for a data file show 2 viewers, a positive viewing trend, and 4 applications using the data

New KPI indicators for a dataset file

Viewer and item usage metrics


December 14, 2021

Qlik Reporting Service

Burst reporting

Distribute customizable report outputs from Qlik Sense apps to a variety of channels using business process automation. You can:

  • Create a multi-page report using a template, or create your own fully custom report definition
  • Generate multiple different reports from a single reporting action
  • Deliver reports to multiple channels (email, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, FTP, SFTP)
  • Send reports to recipients outside of your Qlik Cloud system

You can also integrate the Report Service API into your environment.

Automated reporting using the Qlik Reporting Service

Data services

Hybrid Data Delivery Service: Full Load/Reload option

Use the Full Load/Reload functionality delivered in this release for data loading scenarios that do not require continuous data streaming using change data capture (CDC) or when the data source does not support CDC. The Full Load process works by loading one complete table or file at a time, rather than updating the target as and when a change event occurs. This new Hybrid Data Delivery feature supports the same number of data sources as the current version of Qlik Replicate (please refer to the support matrix for full details). However, Hybrid Data Delivery only supports Active QVD’s and Snowflake as data targets at this time.

SQL-based table in Snowflake storage data asset

You can create a Snowflake storage data asset based on another Snowflake storage data asset and add one or more SQL-based tables. SQL-based tables allow you to create a new data asset by applying any needed transformations on the source data asset using user-defined custom SQL. The storage data asset will generate the same views as the consumed storage data asset.

Creating a Snowflake Storage data asset and adding a SQL-based table

Data load editor

Loading data from the data catalog in Data load editor

You can now browse and select datasets in the data catalog from the Data load editor.


Generic support for trusted OAuth clients

Qlik Cloud supports OAuth, a standard security protocol that protects end-user credentials, while still allowing access to API resources through third party applications. Support for OAuth clients lets you deliver secure and seamless integrations of Qlik Cloud Services and Qlik products with other software. It also makes embedding Qlik applications significantly easier. New tutorials are also available to show you how to build client applications, see the OAuth Libraries section on the tutorials page of the Developer portal.

Creating and managing OAuth Clients


Connector removal

The Bitly V2 built-in web connector has been removed.


December 7, 2021


Qlik Application Automation Templates

Qlik Application Automation templates are a mechanism to accelerate flow development. Choose a starter template from a list of Qlik-curated blueprints and then configure the blocks, rather than assembling the automation from scratch. Currently, there are 18 automation templates. Categories include: Analytics Data Pipeline, Alerting, Reporting, Master Item Management, Change Control and App-to-App Integration. Automation templates are available with every Qlik Application Automation subscription and do not require additional licensing or pricing.

Templates in automations

Pre-built templates in automations

Augmented analytics

Insight Advisor supports dollar-sign expansion

Insight Advisor can now recognize expressions contained in variables and use them when generating analytics. This allows users who manage expressions in variables to generate more relevant insights.

Creating visualizations with Insight Advisor

Dollar-sign expansions


November 30, 2021

Augmented analytics

Time series forecasting in line charts

Time series forecasting is a new capability in the line chart that allows you to easily generate future forecasts that extend your historical data. Users can add a forecast to a line chart through the properties, specifying the calculation method, time period, and confidence intervals for the forecast. Calculation methods include SSA (singular spectrum analysis), a non-parametric time-aware method that is commonly used, and OLS (ordinary least squares), a more linear method that uses regression techniques. With time series forecasting, you now have the ability to easily generate forward-looking views without having to use complex modeling or third-party calculations.

Time series forecasting

Time series forecasting

Data manager

Improved browsing and loading data with data catalog

Qlik Sense SaaS users can now quickly find the data they need by taking advantage of the catalog browsing experience in Data manager. Once a dataset is found using any of the catalog search capabilities, you can add it to the app or explore further using catalog capabilities like visual profiling and viewing sample data. You can also search for and select multiple data sets from different Qlik Sense SaaS spaces and easily include them in your app from a single easy-to-use interface.

Data catalog

Loading data from the data catalog


Loading data files in GeoOperations

Simply and securely load geographic data into Qlik Sense SaaS, providing greater flexibility and usability in Qlik Cloud. This includes new support for datafile types and the ability to load from data files in GeoOperations.

Loading data from files

Augmented analytics

Insight Advisor supports Spanish narratives

Insight Advisor now supports natural language generation in Spanish, expanding our multi-lingual capability.


Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS

Support for iOS 15

Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS now supports iOS 14 or later.

Technical and security considerations

Switching between tenants in the app

If you have access to multiple tenants, you can now switch between them in the Qlik Sense Mobile app.

Switching between subscriptions

Connect & Learn

Qlik Cloud welcome tour

Qlik Cloud now includes customized tours for new users based on their user role and Qlik product experience. The tour starts the first time you log in to Qlik Cloud.

Qlik Cloud welcome tour

Start the Qlik Cloud welcome tour

Qlik Cloud welcome tour


November 23, 2021


Keyboard navigation in view data mode

Straight tables in view data mode have improved keyboard navigation.

View data mode


New label option and layout improvements with grid charts

Improvements to the grid chart now let you show labels for each data point in the chart. Labels identify the value of the measure for the data point. Also, in preparation for the deprecation of the Heatmap extension in February 2022, the grid chart now includes two layouts, Standard and the new Heatmap option. The heatmap layout adds the functionality of a heatmap chart to the grid chart. As of February 2022, the Heatmap chart extension will no longer be supported.

Labels for data points in a grid chart

Grid chart with labels for each data point

Heatmap layout with labels in a grid chart

Heatmap layout with a grid chart

November 16, 2021

Augmented analytics

New Business Logic options for customization in Insight Advisor

New parameters have been added to business logic that help refine the analysis generated by Insight Advisor. Options include setting trend direction and sort order for a measure, specifying favorite types of analyses to be used by the system, and specifying the overall aggregation type for complex expressions.

  • Favorable trends: Sets whether the desired trend for a measure is to increase or decrease.

  • Favorite: Identifies a measure of interest for Insight Advisor so that Insight Advisor will use the measure more often when generating visualizations without user queries or selections.

  • Overall aggregation: Helps Insight Advisor determine which aggregation to use for queries that involve master measures with complex expressions where the aggregation is not clear from the outset.

Customizing your fields and groups

Defining fields and master items


Support for AWS IAM credentials authorization with Amazon Redshift

New authentication support with the Amazon Redshift connector allows you to use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials authorization. This will allow organizations to assign role-based access privileges in addition to designating access rights individually.

Create an Amazon Redshift connection

Snowflake connectivity enhancements

The Snowflake connector now supports the use of key pair authentication to allow you to use enhanced security measures when users access Snowflake from Qlik Sense.

Create a Snowflake connection


November 9, 2021


Adding automations to buttons in Qlik Sense apps

Convert passive analytics consumption to active actions in real-time using automations with buttons. Connecting automations to buttons in a sheet lets you automate manual tasks and improve visualizations for your app users. Actions can be as simple as sharing metrics over Slack or email. Or, they can allow users to create or update data in a business application, such as Salesforce. When you connect an automation to a button, the automation runs each time you click the button.

Connecting an automation to a button in a sheet

Set execute automation action on a button in a sheet

Augmented analytics

New Like button in Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor now includes a new Like button for all charts generated from a natural language query. Liking helps to improve natural language query responses over time.

Insight Advisor Like button

Click the Like button to improve queries over time

November 2, 2021

Qlik Cloud region

Hosting expands to Singapore

Qlik now provides a new cloud region in Singapore to support the growing demand for customers to rapidly innovate with data and technology for analytics in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. This new region is the second of two cloud regions in APAC and the fourth globally, following cloud regions in Australia, Ireland, and the United States. Organizations based in Singapore and the APAC region can now store and deploy data for analytics locally at scale, ensuring optimal operational performance and data compliance with the inherent cost savings of the cloud. Storing data in a local cloud allows customers to effectively meet the analytics needs of their users across the region, with faster access and lower latency.

Select your region from the map during setup of the tenant

Region map showing supported regions during tenant setup

Analytics connections

New service added for Amazon Comprehend

Support has been added for the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Service available in Amazon Comprehend. Now you can identify PII data in text that originates in a Qlik Sense app and use the metadata to mask it within a Qlik Sense application data model.

Data load editor

View data connections by space

Users with access to many spaces and connections can now view data connections by space in the Data load editor. By default, connections in their Personal space are loaded. Organizing connections by spaces improves load time and provides greater control over the connections you want to view. The new spaces list is also available in the Data manager when adding data.

View Data load editor data connections by space

Spaces dropdown list in the Data Load Editor

Data load editor

Scripting help improvements

Set analysis

Set analysis lets you define a set (or group) of data values different from the normal set defined by the current selections. This is useful if you want to compare the current selection with a particular value. For example, last year’s value or the global market share.

The set analysis documentation in Qlik Sense Help has been expanded and now includes examples.

Set analysis and set expressions

Dollar-sign expansion

Dollar-sign expansions are definitions of text replacements used in scripts or in expressions.

Qlik Sense Help has added new examples to the dollar-sign expansion documentation. To test sample load scripts and visualizations, see:


October 26, 2021

Hybrid cloud analytics

Introducing Qlik Forts

Qlik Forts™ is a hybrid service that securely extends Qlik Sense SaaS capabilities to your data landscape, regardless of location, whether on premises, in a private data center or public cloud. With Qlik Forts, businesses benefit from the convenience of SaaS as well as the flexibility of a hybrid deployment that supports data regulatory requirements and investments in existing data infrastructure. Qlik Forts allows organizations to extend Qlik Sense SaaS to their private data center so that part of it runs next to their data, in virtually any Azure, AWS, or GCP region, or VMware vSphere/vCenter. Qlik Cloud and Forts work together as a single supported solution. Users get a seamless experience and single point of entry, so access to analytics and insights can easily scale across the organization.

Qlik Forts are client hosted virtual appliances maintained by Qlik

Qlik Forts are virtual appliances that are hosted by the client and maintained by Qlik

Hybrid data delivery

New support for Snowflake

Hybrid data delivery is a Qlik Cloud Data service that continuously loads and catalogs enterprise data to cloud destinations in near real-time for downstream analytics projects. Snowflake destinations on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are now supported.

Hybrid data delivery supports Snowflake destinations

Hybrid data delivery service now supports Snowflake destinations

Data connectors

New tables are supported with the GitHub connector

The GitHub data connector now supports the Statuses and StatusHistory tables.



October 19, 2021


Chart in tooltip

This release includes further customization of tooltips with the ability to embed a master visualization inside the tooltip. This allows you to visualize an overview first then drill down directly in the graph for details. The embedded chart inherits the state with dimension value in focus selected.

Chart in tooltip example

A Sales chart is embedded in a custom tooltip.

Custom tooltips

Adding a chart to a custom tooltip


Show all labels in line graph

The line graph labels have been enhanced with a new All option, which forces data labels to always remain visible. Additionally, the Auto option, which automatically shows labels based on the space available, has been improved to display more labels.

Line chart showing label options for Auto and All

A line graph displays all value labels for each data point

Line chart overview

Qlik developer API

Nebula extensions for Qlik Sense

nebula.js is a collection of JavaScript libraries, visualizations, and CLIs that help developers build and integrate visualizations on top of Qlik's Associative Engine. With this update, as a part of the recent release of the Nebula 2.0 library, developers can generate a nebula visualization that can be used as an extension in Qlik Sense. This also allows the developer to generate a legacy extension to run in Qlik Sense before 2020.


October 12, 2021

Monitoring data

New condition for alerts

You can now create alerts that compare a measure value or dimension to the previous evaluation. For example, create an alert to notify you when a stock price jumps by 10% from the last evaluation, or when the sum of sales exceeds 100 but only if this change is different from the previous evaluation.

Last evaluation alert condition

Add last evaluation condition to alert

Comparing alert conditions with the previous evaluation

Creating an alert that compares values and dimensions with the last evaluation


Layered label orientation with charts

This release introduces Layered Labels, giving you greater control and flexibility over the presentation of graphs. In addition to label options like auto, horizontal, and tilted, you can now layer your labels on the X-axis. Layering staggers your labels to make better use of space and provide more room for your graph.

Chart with layered label orientation

Chart labels with a layered axis orientation

Changing the label orientation of a visualization

Adding layered labels to a visualization


October 7, 2021


New screen reader support

Accessibility in Qlik Sense


October 5, 2021

Augmented analytics

Advanced analytics integration

Advanced Analytic integration supports the real-time exploration of calculations from data science and machine learning models within Qlik Sense. Direct, engine-level data exchange with third-party data engines deliver new calculations as the user clicks, allowing you to refine context and evaluate the results both interactively and visually.

Qlik Sense SaaS provide out-of-the-box connectivity to Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Comprehend, Azure ML, DataRobot, and a Qlik Advanced Analytic connector that allows you to connect to custom solutions and other machine learning platforms.

Analytics sources in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense

Data analytics

Comparing app performance evaluations

Performance evaluation now includes the option to compare evaluation results between versions of an app. This improvement helps app developers make informed decisions as they develop and optimize app performance before publishing it to shared or managed spaces.

App performance evaluation

App performance evaluation


September 30, 2021

Data integration

Impact analysis

Analyze the origin of your data set with impact analysis. Visually see the data flow of apps and data sets in your organization, including origins and outputs. Data administrators can use this information to improve operational efficiency. App developers and data modelers gain trust and a better understanding of their data. They can also see which applications use the data set, and identify new information derived from an existing data set.

The lineage graph

A lineage graph showing the dataflow through different nodes

Analyzing the lineage of data with impact analysis


September 28, 2021


Qlik Application Automation

Qlik Application Automation helps you easily create workflows that streamline and optimize your data and analytics processes. Its visual approach lets you quickly assemble automated flows that span market leading SaaS applications to trigger alerts and invoke downstream processes that react to changes in your business. Consequently, you spend less time programming back-office tasks that drive automated actions, leaving you more time for data analysis.

Qlik Application Automation

Augmented analytics

Change point detection in Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor now provides the ability to detect and show changes in the trend of a time series by analyzing patterns in historic data.

Insight Advisor analysis types


Images in straight tables

You can now add images by URL to rows in straight tables for added context and insight.

Table with images

Images in a table

Table properties

Adding images to straight tables


September 21, 2021

Augmented analytics

Insight Advisor Discovery

Insight Advisor Discovery provides an improved Insight Advisor experience in-app, allowing users to easily auto-generate the most relevant analyses and insights from their data. A new Discovery button opens Insight Advisor, where users can select fields and generate insights without having to navigate away from their current sheet. The new Ask Insight Advisor search box is now visible at all times within dashboards, allowing users to easily generate insights using natural language processing. Auto-generated visualizations and analyses can be refined and added directly to dashboards for further exploration.

Creating visualizations with Insight Advisor


Improved editing for master items

Users can now directly edit master items from the properties panel in visualizations, removing the need to navigate to them in the assets library to make changes.

Editing a master dimension

Editing a master measure


September 14, 2021

Augmented analytics

Adding custom analyses with Insight Advisor

Custom analyses allow you to create custom responses for specific phrases in Insight Advisor. You can define the analysis that will be returned, such as comparison, ranking, and clustering, using specified input fields. This provides improved control over auto-generated analytics without having to define complex rules.

Adding custom analyses to Insight Advisor


September 7, 2021

Data analytics

Subscription reports

Subscriptions to charts and sheets can now be shared with up to 20 other Qlik Sense users. If you create a subscription, you become the subscription owner.

Scheduling reports with subscriptions

Scheduling reports with subscriptions


August 31, 2021

Hybrid data delivery

Monitoring Data Services

Hybrid data delivery events, both user and system-initiated, are now logged and available for review from the Events page in the Management Console. This change can help organizations and their administrators meet security and compliance requirements. The monitoring service tracks a variety of actions including CRUD events (Create, Read, Update, and Delete).

In addition to the Events page, tenant administrators can audit events using API calls.

Reviewing system events


August 24, 2021

Insight Advisor

When an app has business logic turned on, users can query all fields set to visible in the app.

When an app has business logic turned off:

  • Users with edit permission on the app can query fields and master items.

  • Users with View only permissions on the app can query master items.

Making apps available in Insight Advisor Chat


History chart presentation in Mobile

Users can see the history of an alert, in chart form, in the mobile to see whether patterns are emerging around frequency of scans compared to triggered alerts.

Using Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS

Increased mobile app security

For added security, you can now turn on app lock to use your device authentication method (PIN, fingerprint, or face) with the Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS app.

Unlocking the app with a PIN or biometric


August 20, 2021


Default tab for containers

The container is an object that lets you add visualizations in a limited space. By default, the first tab is displayed when you view a container. To improve the user experience, you can now set the default tab when creating or editing a container.


Container properties


August 17, 2021

Monitoring data

Alerting available to more users

Alerts let you monitor critical data without opening yourQlik Sense apps. Use alerts to manage your business by exception and increase the value of Qlik analytics with notifications that lead to immediate further analysis and prompt actions based on insights.

The alerting features are now available to Qlik Sense Business users. Previously, they have been only available to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS users.

Monitoring data with alerts


August 10, 2021


SMTP server configuration

When configuring an SMTP email server, you can now have separate sender email and user name settings.

Configuring email support


August 3, 2021

User management

Data consumer role for spaces

Data owners can use the new data consumer role to provide consume-only access to data connections and data files inside a space. This new role gives you better control over space members and your data assets inside spaces.

Managing data sources in spaces

Working in managed spaces

Working in shared in spaces

Insight Advisor

Period over period analysis

Users can now compare a change in a measure of the current period versus the previous period by using the Period over period analysis. The analysis is applied to a line chart which lets users visualize how a measure differs between two periods of analysis.

Configure a behavior to use a default calendar period for Period over period analysis

Insight Advisor analysis types

Period over period chart type

Data catalog

Catalog filtering

Data curators and consumers can now browse their data catalog using filters. Filters help to find and understand all available data in the system. Catalog filtering reduces time spent managing and browsing for content with improved search accuracy.

Finding your data content: Catalog browsing with filters

Finding your data content: Catalog browsing with filters


July 27, 2021

User management

Assign roles to users and groups

Additional global access roles, which were introduced on May 4, 2021, improved user system security. With this update, you can now assign global access roles to user groups. This helps you to easily assign permissions to a group of people, which makes the management of permissions in your tenant easier and more scalable.

User permissions


Data Condition Evaluation history

Users can easily see alerting trends in the hub with the new capability to see the alert history in chart form. This helps users with data alerts see patterns emerging around the frequency of scans and triggered alerts.

Monitoring data with alerts

Insight Advisor

Custom chart periods

Users can now customize the analysis period used by Insight Advisor by setting the periods of analysis. Previously, users would need permissions to change the business logic. Now, users can make these changes on demand, improving their ability to get the insights they need quickly.

Searching with Insight Advisor


July 20, 2021

Conversational analytics

Improved assistance in Insight Advisor Chat

Insight Advisor Chat introduces a better way to communicate error messages. This new communication element helps you better understand when issues need to be addressed in underlying apps.

Exploring apps with conversational analytics


Qlik Sense GeoOperations

Qlik Sense GeoOperations help content is now available in this helpsite. Qlik SenseGeoOperations is available as an Advanced Analytics Integration with Qlik Sense GeoAnalytics for Qlik Cloud. It allows you to make geographic calculations and use functions for calculating routes or travel areas. You can also load geographic data from GeoJSON and ESRI shapefiles.

Qlik Sense GeoOperations

GeoOperations INTABLE support for coordinate conversion

The GeoOperations function INTABLE now can now convert CRS coordinates when rendering maps from data in Qlik Sense.



July 13, 2021


Save container tab in bookmark

The improved bookmark functionality in Qlik Sense now lets you save the layout for a container object. Previously, container objects saved in bookmarks would default to the first tab. Now a user can choose to save the layout state of the container when creating the bookmark. Then, when users open the bookmark with a container object, they see the saved container layout.


QlikView to Qlik Sense SaaS

Migrate QlikView Server bookmarks

Qlik Sense SaaS users who are migrating from QlikView to Qlik Sense can use the new QlikView Object Migration for Cloud tool to migrate server bookmarks for QlikView apps to their managed spaces in a Qlik Sense SaaS tenant. This tool solves the issue of not being able to bring QlikView bookmarks into your Qlik Sense SaaS environment, and it improves the migration experience for Qlik Sense users migrating from QlikView.

Migrating bookmarks from QlikView to SaaS editions of Qlik Sense tenants

Hybrid data delivery

Connect to customer-managed storage

Hybrid data delivery lets users connect to QVD files stored in customer-managed AWS S3 buckets. For buckets that have multiple connections, users can choose which connection to use, helping customers take control of their data integration.

Connecting a QVD dataset

Creating a data asset to generate the QVD tables


July 6, 2021


Dark mode base map

A fourth base map type with a dark theme has been added to Map chart options. The dark base map with neutral colors puts the focus on the content and makes light-colored feature layers stand out.

Base map

Creating a map chart with dark background


Feature flag opens QlikView apps in IE11 plug-in

Customers can open apps with the IE plug-in using Microsoft Edge in IE mode. The menu option to “Open app in IE Plugin” is only available when using the Edge browser.

Working with QlikView apps in the cloud hub


June 30, 2021

Data Integration

Hybrid data delivery

Hybrid data delivery is the first Qlik Cloud Data Services offering designed to replicate data in near real time from on-premises data sources into Qlik Cloud. The service automatically and continually ingests on-premises data into your tenant without the need for job scheduling or scripting. In addition, the data is automatically cataloged, transformed into QVD format, and saved in either client-managed or Qlik-managed storage, ready for consumption by Qlik analytics apps. What’s more, these QVD files are also automatically and continually updated without any manual intervention whenever the source data changes. This ensures your analytics apps will always have the most up-to-date data for action and insight, whenever needed.

Features include:

  • Point and click data pipeline configuration

  • Integrated data cataloging and profiling

  • Automated and continuous high-performance Qlik Clouddata ingest

  • Supports relational data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2

  • Supports enterprise application data sources such as SAP ECC

Delivering analytics-ready data

Creating a landing data asset

Working with data spaces


June 23, 2021



Notes provide users a collaborative canvas inside the Qlik Sense environment, which allows users to capture analysis, give context to what they are seeing in the data, and collaborate with others on what it means. Users can create rich-text narratives in notes alongside snapshots of analytics to create a collaborative analytics experience inside Qlik Sense.

Capturing and sharing insights using Notes

Working with notes


June 22, 2021


Alerting digest

With this release, we have introduced personal digests for notifications. For alerts and system events, users can now choose to receive a daily email digest with all relevant notifications packaged together. They have the option to choose which alerts and types of events are included, they can change the time the digest is delivered, and they can link directly to live analytics for follow-up.

Profile settings


June 15, 2021


Bars on secondary axis in combo chart

User can now add bars on the secondary axis in a combo chart.

Combo chart

Combo chart properties

Adding a secondary axis in a combo chart

Security updates

Updates to the underscore.js library

The underscore.js library that is exposed through the AMD module in the Qlik Sense client has been updated from version 1.5 to version 1.13. This change fixes a potential security issue with the underscore.js library, but it causes some breaking changes to extensions and mashups that use the library.

The following properties and methods are removed from the underscore.js library with version 1.13:

  • unzip method is replaced by _zip.apply(_,list).

  • _.escape function no longer escapes /.

  • _.matches function is replaced by _.matcher.

Underscore.js change log

User support

Alerting end-to-end tutorial

Alerts let you monitor critical data without opening your Qlik Sense apps. Users now have access to a tutorial that shows you how to create simple and complex alerts, and how to manage an alert's lifecycle.

Tutorial - Alerts

Monitoring changes in your data with alerts

Real-world use case and example for KMeans

A new real-world use case and example is available to help users understand the KMeans and centroid functions. “Optimizing with k-means: A real-world example”, takes users through a real-world business scenario from a raw dataset to calculation of coordinates on a Map chart. This example highlights the value of Qlik Sense KMeans and Centroid functions and shows how to apply them.

Optimizing with k-means: A real-world example


June 9, 2021


Notifications about data alerts

New data alert notifications can be sent to users for the following events:

  • An alert stopped or failed

  • I am added to an alert

Monitoring data with alerts

Managing your alerts


June 8, 2021


Chart monitoring for Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS

Users can now see the latest version of all monitored visualizations in Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS.

Monitoring visualizations in Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS


Qlik Sense self-service reporting

This new Qlik Sense SaaS capability allows data consumers to subscribe to charts or sheets to receive a scheduled PDF report distribution to their email. Users can also expand insights by including a link back into the Qlik Sense app at the analytic point of report presentation.

Self-service reports with subscriptions

Managing subscriptions

Using the Management Console

User support

Redesigned documentation

Users can now find all documentation for data sources supported by Qlik Sense SaaS on this site. This was previously available in the Qlik Connectors documentation.

Data sources in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense


June 1, 2021


More connectors available from the Data Manager

The following connectors and tables are now available from Data Manager:

Performance improvements for the ODBC connectors

The following performance features are available for all ODBC connectors (except snowflake):

  • [x] Use Bulk reader - This provides a faster way to fetch data.

  • Max String Size - This truncates long strings down to a max string size.

ODBC Connector package


Add an image to point layer map from URL

You can now add an image to a point layer map from a URL. This is in addition to adding images located in the Qlik Cloud media library.

Map properties

Apply a unique color setting for each measure in a combo chart

In a combo chart, you can configure each measure to have its own color setting, either a single color or color by expression.

Combo chart properties

Coloring a single measure in a combo chart


May 25, 2021


Deprecation of the Share button

The Share button control in the Dashboard bundle has been removed and replaced with the Publish bookmark tool. Existing instances of this legacy control continue to function, but new instances cannot be added.

If you need to configure existing instances of this control, refer to the last version of the help before it was removed.

Share button- May 2021

Dashboard bundle


Select locale for app creation

Users with app creation capabilities can now select an app creation locale in their profile settings. The user-defined app creation locale enables app creators to inherit the locale for script variables for formatting, which apply to money format, decimal separators, month and day names.


List data alerts inside Qlik Sense app

Users can now view and edit alerts they own within Qlik Sense app. This helps improve visibility of the data alerts you've already created in the context of the app and promotes the usage of data alerts.

Monitoring data with alerts


May 18, 2021

Data management

Profile tile views added to catalog

A card-based, visual representation of field profiling metrics laid out in a grid manner now complements the existing list view. Tile view is designed to give users a good overview of some key metrics and the most informative content for that type of field; whether the field is text or numeric with toggle options for mixed fields.

Qlik catalog card tile view

Profiling data

Data management

Partial data reload

The partial data reload option can be used in scheduled data reload operations.

Reloading app data in the cloud hub

Partial reload

Partial reload


May 11, 2021

User support

Redesigned documentation

The documentation for Qlik Sense SaaS has been redesigned to meet the needs of each Qlik Sense user role. This will make it easier and more intuitive to find the information for your role in your organization’s Qlik Sense environment.

  • The Analytics for business users section discusses how to use Qlik Sense apps and makes data-informed decisions.

  • The Creating analytics and visualizing data section discusses how to create and design Qlik Sense apps, along with creating and editing visualizations.

  • The Loading and modeling analytics data section discusses how to load, model, and manage data used by Qlik Sense apps. This section can help you better understand how to bring in data from multiple sources and use data load scripts.

  • The Administering Qlik Sense section discusses the different administration roles. It includes information about managing users, system settings, configuration, and handling user resources.

Conversational analytics

Conversational analytics API

The API allows developers to build their own client for Qlik Insight Advisor Chat into their apps and enterprise chat bot platforms, available where the chat add-on is included.


Deprecation of bar & area chart from the visualization bundle

Bar & area chart

Augmented analytics

Mutual Information for Key Driver Analysis

Insight Advisor can now analyze and score the mutual Information between fields. This provides a measure of the influence that one field has on another, allowing you to understand which fields are drivers of another target field.

You can also now calculate mutual information between targets and drivers in charts with the MutualInfo function. This allows analysis such as pair-wise mutual information analysis and driver breakdown by value.

Insight Advisor analysis types

MutualInfo - chart function


Scheduling alert evaluations

In addition to running when data is reloaded, you can now schedule alert evaluations at specific times. This can help you create a schedule for analysis and customize how often you might be alerted.

Creating an alert


May 04, 2021


New security rules

These are the first in a series of updates on how security roles and global access rights are assigned. Users who aren’t tenant administrators or aren’t Professional users can now be assigned a role that lets them create shared or managed spaces. Additionally, these users can also be assigned the analytics admin role for limited access to governance capabilities in the management console. These changes provide more flexibility for the appropriate users to create spaces and manage content, especially when working in multi-cloud or hybrid deployments that distribute content from a Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed site to Qlik Sense SaaS.

Assigning user roles

Conversational analytics

Enhancements to Insight Advisor Chat

In this release, there are several enhancements to Insight Advisor Chat including improved narratives in question responses (NLG), a refined user interface for question parsing, and more intelligent app selection when responding to questions.

Exploring apps with conversational analytics


Analytics at point of decision with new Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS app

Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS delivers Qlik Sense analytics in the best form for mobile consumption, with enhancements such as a single object mode for navigation, an intuitive selections bar, and a mobile collection in the hub. With the Qlik associative engine running on-device, it supports fully interactive online and offline exploration allowing mobile users to answer unanticipated questions in any environment. And it features integrated alerting with push notification, so users can be notified of important changes in their data and respond in real-time.

Get started with the Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS app


Microsoft SharePoint as Storage Provider in Qlik Sense SaaS

This new connector will enable Qlik Sense SaaS users, assuming they have sufficient privileges, to select and browse the Office 365 SharePoint hierarchical structure.

Connecting to data sources

Support credential separation for ODBC data sources

Qlik Sense SaaS administrators now have the option to let users provide their own credentials when using any of the following connectors:

  • Amazon Athena

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Apache Drill

  • Apache Hive

  • Apache Phoenix

  • Apache Spark

  • Azure SQL Database

  • Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Cloudera Impala

  • Databricks

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition

  • Oracle

  • PostgreSQL

  • Presto

  • Teradata

Connecting to data sources


April 27, 2021

User experience

Two new enhancements to the user experience help provide a frictionless first-time data and insights experience for new users and provide more opportunities to learn about the possibilities of Qlik Sense.

Frictionless first-time data and insights experience

Updates to the data to visualizations experience provide a consistent first-time add data sequence from both the Welcome screen and Add New button in the cloud hub. After data is loaded, users are prompted to either go directly to insights or to their sheet. Users have clear direction and options about how to continue creating, adding and analyzing insights.

Demo apps included in Qlik Sense SaaS

A variety of demo applications are now available directly from a special collection on the home page of the cloud hub. Qlik Sense Business users and Qlik Sense Enterprise professional users can open demo apps in their personal space and explore content that highlights the full power of Qlik Sense. Users also have the ability to explore apps and add sheets within the demo apps.


April 20, 2021

User experience

Now you have direct access to our Ideation program within your Hub. Qlik’s Ideation program provides our valued customers and partners an opportunity to influence how our products evolve and where we take our innovations in the development process. Now part of the Connect & Learn navigation, you will find a dedicated space for Ideation that will lead you to a video overview of the program and direct access to the community forum. In addition, you now have visibility into newly released features derived from the Ideation process which will be highlighted in the “What’s New” area of Connect and Learn marked with an Ideation badge.


April 13, 2021


Publish app from a copy of original app

Users can re-publish apps out of personal and shared spaces into managed spaces with duplicated or recreated versions of an original app, providing more flexibility for content workflows across development, test, and production spaces.

Publishing apps in cloud hubs

Republishing apps in Qlik Cloud

Improvements to export sheet as PDF in Qlik Sense SaaS

The exporting PDF capability has improved to better deliver Qlik themes, retaining margins, presentation headers and other visual elements, and providing a rendition of your sheet that closely resembles the visible dashboard.

Downloading visualizations


Support for OAuth in the Salesforce connector

The Salesforce connector now supports OAuth authentication, helping you improve security by keeping your user information separate from Qlik Sense.

Create a Salesforce connection

OAuth authentication in Snowflake and Salesforce connections

User experience

New navigation top bar and toolbar

Navigate quickly and use the tools that you need in the redesigned navigation bar and toolbar in Qlik Sense.

Navigation bar


March 30, 2021


Additional dedicated capacity options

Dedicated capacity provides additional dedicated memory and virtual CPU in Qlik Sense SaaS to support workloads and consumption of large apps. This release provides expanded options for customers purchasing dedicated capacity, with the ability to choose 120 GB memory or 240 GB memory pods.


March 25, 2021

Data catalog

Data catalog integration with cloud hub

Qlik Sense SaaS Enterprise and Business now include an initial set of data cataloging tools that will be the foundation for additional functionality in the future. Integrated data cataloging allows users to spend less time finding data and more time getting value out of it. Datasets can now be profiled and governed within the cloud hub, making it easier for users to find and determine which data is best to use within a new or existing app.

Understanding your data with catalog tools


March 23, 2021

System integration


Webhooks allow communication between enterprise applications to send and receive automated messages from one another. This is makes it easier to create automated workflows, enhance control over your analytics supply chain, and empower active intelligence through your organization.



App size information added to app details

Users are now able to monitor on-disk and in-memory app size of their applications. Users can get this information from the App Details section of each app and from the App section in the Management Console. This enables users to closely monitor app size and evaluate whether additional data capacity is needed.

The cloud hub


March 16, 2021


Multi-step alerting conditions

Users can now create data alerts with conditions that span more than one step, by visually adding or grouping steps. This provides more robust functionality and control over how alerts are evaluated, making data alerting even more powerful.

Setting conditions for alerts

Creating an alert with multi-step conditions

Visualizations and dashboards

New and improved combo chart

An improved combo chart is now available, with enhanced functionality including support for vertical presentation, reference lines based on measures and dimensions, and line and bar styling.

Combo chart properties


March 9, 2021


Binary loads from spaces

Reuse data models more easily by using apps in personal and shared spaces as a data source for a binary load. This is in addition to the existing capability to binary load from third party storage.


Improved user management

Administrators now receive a warning when attempting to invite users by email if a user is already active in the system. The active user doesn't receive another invitation.

Assigning user roles

Inviting users to Qlik Cloud


New Qlik Sense Connector for Databricks

To support the growing popularity of Databricks, a Qlik strategic partner, Qlik Sense SaaS Enterprise and Business now include a pre-configured connector for Databricks. This includes support for the new Apache Spark 3.0 engine. Utilizing the Databricks SQL Analytics service, the Databricks connector enables Qlik Sense users to easily include data in Databricks to gain a comprehensive view of their business as well as generate new insights and data-driven actions.



March 2, 2021


Active chart and grid dimensions

Enhanced capabilities have been added to grid dimensions for your visualizations that help better identify chart location and associated dimensions on the sheet. There is a new indicator on the bottom right side of chart objects that contains the grid dimensions and coordinates when moving or resizing objects on your sheets.


February 22, 2021


Subscription management

Service account owners can now have more than one subscription and tenant associated to their email address. Additionally, if a user has access to more than one tenant via subscription(s), they can now easily view all those tenants from one convenient location in the MyQlik portal and login page. If the subscription allows more than one tenant, and the Service Account Owner has not created all their allowed tenants yet, they can create their remaining tenants from within MyQlik.

Registering for a subscription


February 9, 2021

Augmented analytics

Insight Advisor Search

There are several improvements to the Insight Advisor search-based analysis within Qlik Sense apps. These improvements include:

  • Analysis of change over time – Insight Advisor Search will now generate multiple charts for a single analysis type, such as responding with analysis of data between two date periods through a combination of charts.

  • Natural language generation – Visual charts generated by Insight Advisor Search now have a new option to view narrative insights and interpretations of the data.

Using natural language with Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor Chat

There are several improvements to the Insight Advisor conversational analytics within Qlik Sense apps. These improvements include:

  • Follow-up suggestions: Insight Advisor Chat now offers possible follow up questions for the user, helping drive further analysis and insight.

  • Improved context awareness: Insight Advisor Chat improves how it interprets context, in terms of how a question is being handled in the context of a previous question or a new question.

Exploring apps with Insight Advisor Chat

Improved K-means clustering

The new KMeans algorithm can prevent clustering results being skewed by one feature dominating another. Data can now be normalized for analysis with an optional ‘norm’ parameter.

KMeans2D - chart function

Business logic tutorial

There is a new tutorial showing how to improve search-based analysis in Insight Advisor using business logic. By customizing the logical model and adding vocabulary, you can improve the experience for search-based analysis.

Tutorial – Customizing how Insight Advisor interprets data

Advanced authoring

Master measures in expressions

Users can now reference master measures within expressions, improving productivity and governance.

Using master measures in expressions

Using master measures in expressions

Hidden sheets

App creators can now show or hide sheets based on conditions, enabling them to target different user groups within the same app by tailoring the experience.

Setting a show condition for a sheet

Setting a show condition for a sheet

User-driven reloads

App creators can now add new button actions to provide reload data functionality directly in an app.



Grid chart

A new visualization that uses symbols of varying size sorted in a grid. The grid chart is included in the Visualization bundle.

Grid chart

Grid chart in Qlik Sense

Video player

A new capability that lets you embed and play videos directly in Qlik Sense apps.

Video player

Video player in Qlik Sense

User experience

Customizable hub landing page

Qlik Sense SaaS users can now customize the hub landing page by choosing which collections appear on the home page and in what order.

The cloud hub

Customizing the home page in Qlik Cloud


Section access behavior

Alerts can now be evaluated based on whether section access is enabled in the source application.

Monitoring changes in your data with alerts

Recipient limits changed

For apps without section access, there is no recipient limit. For apps with section access, the limit is now 100.

Monitoring changes in your data with alerts


Consolidated SAP connectivity

SAP Bex and InfoProvider connectivity is now available on Qlik Sense SaaS, improving on our end-to-end SAP solutions. This is a new SAP BW connector that merges the InfoProviders and BEx connectors.

Installing SAP transports on SaaS editions of Qlik Sense

New Amazon Athena ODBC connector

The ODBC connectors now include connectivity to Amazon Athena database.

Amazon Athena

Updated Teradata connector including SSO support

Single-sign on lets Qlik Sense to store the credentials separately from a data connection. This provides an option to enforce user-specific credentials and allow a set of credentials to be saved for reuse across multiple connections.

Configuring SSO for the Teradata connector

Qlik associative engine

Merge command in script

A new merge command in Qlik Sense scripting that lets you load only the data that has changed into a Qlik Sense app without having to reload the entire data model.


New calculation functions:


App performance evaluation

App evaluator is a new feature built into Qlik Sense SaaS to support Sense app developers. The app evaluator will allow an app developer to request a performance evaluation of a Sense app.

Evaluating app performance

Documentation improvements and additions

Improvements for data security and Section Access

Documentation for managing data security with Section Access has been revamped with a new organizational structure to highlight the levels of security through the use of data reduction. A clear explanation of Section Access concepts, updates to Section Access implementation details, and more authorization script examples have been added.

Managing data security with Section Access