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Managing on-demand app generation

On-demand app generation is controlled by the On-Demand App Service. Tenant admins can enable the On-Demand App Service in the Management Console, on the Settings tab. The service is disabled by default and must be enabled before selection and template apps can be linked and on-demand apps generated.

When the service is switched from enabled to disabled, any pending requests to generate on-demand apps are allowed to finish. But once the service has been disabled, no new requests to generate apps will be accepted nor will developers be able to create or edit new On-demand app navigation links. These capabilities are restored once the service is re-enabled.

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Enabling on-demand app generation

On-demand apps are generated in the hub from navigation links that connect selection apps to template apps. The On-Demand App Service must be enabled to generate on-demand apps.

With the dynamic views option turned on, you can refresh charts from within your analytic tool environment.

Go to Settings > On-demand data in the Management Console to configure on-demand app generation and dynamic views.

  • Toggle on On-demand app generation to allow users to produce and load data into apps on-demand.

    When switching the toggle from enabled to disabled, any pending requests to generate on-demand apps will complete. Once disabled, no new app generation requests are accepted. This setting is disabled by default.

  • Toggle on Enable dynamic views to allow app sheets to contain charts loaded from data sources on-demand.

    If the toggle is disabled when you have existing apps containing dynamic view-based charts, the apps will still function but with these limitations:

    • Dynamic charts will appear dimmed (and without data).

    • The sheet editor will not expose dynamic view assets.

    All charts and features not related to dynamic views will continue to function normally.

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