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Migrating to Qlik Cloud

Qlik Cloud is a modern analytics and data platform built on the same software engine as QlikView and Qlik Sense Client-Managed and adds significant value to empower everyone in an organization to make better decisions daily. Qlik Cloud allows you to use one common platform for all users – executives, decision-makers, and analysts.


The Qlik Cloud migration process lets your organization adopt Qlik Cloud at your own pace.

When migrating from QlikView or Qlik Sense Client-Managed, your assets are reusable, and you can continue to build on existing investments without starting from scratch. In some cases, you can use the opportunity of having access to a modern platform to look at your existing assets with a fresh set of eyes and decide how you want to adopt them to make the best use of new capabilities and possibilities in Qlik Cloud.

Migrating from Client-Managed Qlik Sense

Planning your migration

When planning your migration to Qlik Cloud, review Qlik's recommended considerations, best practices, and approach, as well as the resources available throughout the process, to ensure a successful transition from Qlik Sense Client-Managed products to Qlik Cloud.

These recommendations take into account the knowledge and experiences gained from Qlik customers as they migrate to Qlik Cloud.

Setting up the Qlik Cloud migration tools

This guide provides you the tools to monitor, manage, and execute a migration from Client-Managed Qlik Sense to Qlik Cloud.

No two client-managed deployments are the same. And no two migrations will be the same. The procedures and instructions in this guide shouldn’t be considered a cookbook. Rather, they’re meant to guide you.

Create and configure a cloud tenant

A recommended first step when migrating to Qlik Cloud is to deploy a cloud tenant and distribute apps from Qlik Sense Client-Managed to Qlik Cloud for consumption.

Distributed apps are present both on-premises and in the cloud, supporting analysis in both environments.

Migrating from QlikView

Comparing QlikView and Qlik Sense

This guide describes some of the key similarities and differences between QlikView and Qlik Sense.

Comparing QlikView and Qlik Cloud for administrators

This guide describes some of the key similarities and differences in the administration between Qlik Cloud and QlikView.

Concepts and best practices

This guide provides concepts and best practices to consider before you migrate your QlikView documents to Qlik Cloud.

Community Forum

Join our discussion board where you can learn and discuss how to move from QlikView and Qlik Sense Client-Managed to Qlik Cloud.

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