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Capturing and sharing insights using Notes



Capturing and sharing insights using Notes

Create notes with snapshots of data to capture a personal narrative, and to collaborate with others.

Create a private note in your personal space for your own use. Create a note in a shared or managed space to collaborate with your team.

In sheet view, select Notes in the toolbar. Select the space where you want to create the note, and then select Add Create new note.

Select space in sheet view

Create new note in sheet view

You can also select Add Add new from the navigation bar, and then create a new note.

Create new note from navigation bar

Create new note from navigation bar.

You can also create a new note from a snapshot. In sheet view, right-click a chart and select Note Notes, then click Camera Create note with snapshot. The snapshot is automatically added to the new note.

For more information, see Working with notes.


Creating and viewing notes

All users in a tenant can create and share notes.

Notes that you create in a personal space are private and cannot be viewed by others.

Notes that you create in a shared or managed space can be viewed by other members of the space. As the creator of the note, you can allow other space members to edit notes. Additionally, editors of notes can allow other space members to edit notes.

The tenant admin can see all the notes that have been created by others in the tenant by selecting Catalog in the navigation bar, and then selecting Notes from the Types filter. However, the tenant admin cannot open or view the content of a note unless they are a member of the shared or managed space where the note resides.

Notes can be disabled by the tenant admin. For more information, see Managing Notes.

Snapshots in notes

You can create a note from a snapshot, or add snapshots to a note from private or public sheets in personal, shared or managed spaces. All members of the space can see the snapshots in the note. However, since only you can access your private sheets, other members will not be able to go to the sheet by selecting   Link to source on the snapshot in the note. For more information, see Making a sheet public.

Depending on the managed spaces to which it is published, a single app can have multiple versions or copies in different spaces. This can impact the set of notes that are available to you. For example, if you publish an app from a personal or shared space to a managed space, then add a note to the app in the managed space (such as a note that includes a snapshot of a chart), the note will not be visible in the copy of the app that resides in the personal or shared space.

Deleting notes

The following users can delete a note:

  • Note owner
  • Space owners and administrators
  • Tenant admin

Data security

Note authors can add a snapshot to a note from any data that they can access. This includes sensitive data that could be restricted to other users based on section access rules. If the note is in a shared or managed space, all other space members can see the snapshots that are in the note. Note authors should use caution when sharing data that other users may not be authorized to see.


Manage the following notification preferences from Profile settings in your profile menu:

  • When you are added as a collaborator on a note

  • When you are mentioned in a note

Manage the notification for when a note is created in a space from Settings/Notification preferences in the space.


Notes does not support the following:

  • Data spaces
  • Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS app
  • QlikView apps (documents) in Qlik Sense

Notes does not support the following visualizations:

  • Button
  • Container, including individual charts in containers
  • Custom extensions
  • Dashboard bundle extensions
  • Filter pane
  • Word cloud chart extension
  • Multi-KPI extension
  • Trellis container extension

Notes also has the following limitations:

  • A maximum of 25 users can open the same note at the same time.
  • Note creation in browsers on mobile devices is not supported. Notes are read-only.
  • Right-to-left setting is not supported.
  • Dynamic charts are not supported.
  • Selections from dynamic bookmarks are not supported in note snapshots. The selections will be the selections that were applied in the visualization when the snapshot was added to the note.
  • Previous or next selections from set analysis expressions are not supported in note snapshots.
  • Variable values in note snapshots are set and are not updated in snapshots if they change in the source app.

Consider the following limitations that apply to adding snapshots to notes. These limits are checked when you click Add snapshot to note. If you exceed any limits, you'll see an error message.

  • Maximum number of fields in the selections: 125

  • Maximum number of field values in the selections: 150,000 total field values across one or many fields

  • Maximum number of alternate states: 125

  • Maximum number of patches: 100

  • Maximum number of variables: 1,100

  • Maximum image size: 4,000 x 4,000 pixels

  • Minimum image size: 5 x 5 pixels for charts and 20 x 20 pixels for sheets