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Machine learning with Qlik AutoML

Automated machine learning finds patterns in your data and uses them to make predictions on future data. Machine learning experiments in the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub let you collaborate with other users and integrate your predictive analytics in Qlik Sense apps. In addition to making predictions, you can do an in-depth analysis of the key features that influence the predicted outcome.

Load historical data from Catalog, start the automated machine learning process, and then choose the best-fitting machine learning model for your use case. Deploy the models to make predictions on the outcome of business problems. Explore the variables that impact the predicted outcome, and gain a thorough understanding of your data.

Qlik AutoML is available to customers with the following subscription products:

  • Qlik Cloud Analytics Premium and Enterprise

  • Qlik Cloud Data Integration Standard, Premium, and Enterprise

  • Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS

  • Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS Add-On to Client-Managed

Qlik Cloud Government note

Qlik Cloud Government does not support Qlik AutoML.

Information noteThis functionality is not available in Qlik Sense Business or Qlik Cloud Analytics Standard.

Machine learning fundamentals

Before you create an experiment, you need to define a machine learning question and prepare a dataset. Learn more here.

Creating experiments

Get an overview of the automated machine learning process and start creating experiments.

Interpreting model performance

Learn about the model metrics that are available for scoring predictive models.

Refining models

How can you improve your predictive model? Learn more here.

Working with ML deployments

Learn about deploying models, making predictions, using the API, and more.

Tutorial – Generating and visualizing prediction data

This tutorial shows you how to create and train an experiment, deploy a model and generate predictions, and visualize the prediction data in a Qlik Sense app.

Qlik AutoML videos

Watch some of our short videos to get started with machine learning.

Qlik AutoML (Legacy) documentation

Check out this documentation if you are looking for the standalone version of Qlik AutoML, which is not included in Qlik Cloud.

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