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Understanding apps

Apps are task-specific, purpose-built applications. Apps contain data loaded from data sources that is interpreted through visualizations.

Instead of deploying and managing huge business applications, you can create your own apps that you can reuse, modify and share with others. The app model helps you ask and answer the next question on your own, without having to go back to an expert for a new report or visualization.

Apps are designed to help you understand data. Data sources can be added to spaces. They are either added from within an app or created in the cloud hub. Their data is then loaded into the app. Associations are made between related data tables. Using the data model, visualizations are added to sheets in the app to interpret the data. Visualizations are charts, tables, and similar representations of data. Members with access to an app can make selections in the visualizations, enabling them to explore the data for insights and discoveries.

Apps in the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub can be Qlik Sense apps or QlikView apps.

Qlik Sense apps

A Qlik Sense app consists of one or more sheets containing visualizations. Visualizations are charts, tables, and similar representations of your data together with other information. By making selections in your visualizations you can analyze the information to make your own discoveries and gain insights about your data.

Qlik Sense apps are either created in the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub or distributed to it from a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows deployment.

Apps created in other Qlik Sense deployments can also be uploaded to the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub. These apps can be edited and modified. For information about creating and managing apps in the cloud hub, see Working with apps.

If you have access to an app, you can explore the app and its sheets and stories. Apps use an associative selection model to help you discover connections between data sets. As you click, associated data values are highlighted. Selections are highlighted in green, associated data is represented in white, and excluded (unassociated) data appears in gray. This instant feedback enables you to think of new questions and continue to explore and discover.

Apps can be shared with other members of the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub. Apps can be added to shared spaces for collaborative development. Apps containing sensitive information can be published to managed spaces for specific users to view. For information on working collaboratively with other members of the cloud hub, see Sharing and downloading app content.

Depending on your permissions with the app and the space it is in, you can also add your own private sheets and stories to the app and share them with other users. To learn about creating public content, see Granting access to sheets, bookmarks, and stories.

Apps can be published to the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub from Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. These apps are far more limited in their capabilities within the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub than apps created within the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub.

Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor is a suite of features that assists you with Qlik Sense apps. Insight Advisor helps you create analyses, analyze data, and build an app data model. The following Insight Advisor features are available:

Insight Advisor Analysis Types and Insight Advisor Search help you quickly create analyses in apps. Insight Advisor Analysis Types creates charts from the analysis type and data you pick to use in the analysis. Insight Advisor Search uses search-based analysis to create charts based on your searches. As an app creator, Insight Advisor helps you create app content. As a business user using apps for analysis, Insight Advisor helps you create analyses outside of what is in the app sheets. For more information, see:

Insight Advisor Chat provides a chat-based solution for conversational analytics. Insight Advisor Chat enables you to make natural language searches from the hub to apps to which you have access.Insight Advisor Chat then returns relevant visualizations. For more information, see Exploring apps with conversational analytics.

Associative insights helps you uncover blind spots and reveal relationships you may have missed. Associative insights compares the contributions of your selections and excluded values against your measures. For more information, see Discovering your data with associative insights.

Chart suggestions allows you to select data fields when editing a sheet and let Insight Advisor choose the dimensions, measures, and visualization types. The suggested chart adjusts itself based on your changes. You can customize a suggested visualization with a focused set of properties. For more information, see Creating visualizations using Insight Advisor chart suggestions.

Recommended associations Insight Advisor can recommend associations between your data tables in the Associations view in Data manager. The Recommended associations panel lets you view and apply these recommendations. For more information, see Associating data in the table editor.

QlikView apps

Qlik Cloud Analytics hub members with access to QlikView can also add their QlikView apps to Qlik Cloud. QlikView apps have the same purpose as Qlik Sense apps, but have a different interface. QlikView apps can be uploaded to Qlik Cloud, or they can be distributed from QlikView AccessPoint.

QlikView apps are view-only. Users can explore the visualizations in the app, but they cannot edit the app or add their own sheets to the app. QlikView apps can be shared with other users and added to spaces. QlikView apps are more restricted to what you can do with them in the cloud hub than Qlik Sense apps. For more information on what QlikView apps can do within the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub, see QlikView apps in Qlik Cloud.

For more information on QlikView apps and how to create and explore them, see QlikView.


Scripts are purpose-built applications similar to apps, but are created for exporting data from a load script. Scripts consist only of a script editor that is used to load, transform, and export data. Scripts cannot be used to analyze or visualize the loaded data. Apps can be converted into scripts, the app load script becoming the load script of the scripts. Scripts can also be converted into apps, the script load script becoming the app load script.

To learn more about scripts, see Using Script editor.

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