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Using analytics to explore data

Qlik Cloud Analytics includes a modern hub with governed content areas that allow you to easily find, share, and organize all types of analytics content. Interactive data storytelling facilitates conversation, allowing for direct, in-context linking to live analytics for immediate answers to follow-up questions. You can print and export data, analytics, and stories to PDF, images, and Excel for easy sharing.

Interacting with apps

Understanding apps

Learn about analytics apps.

Interacting with the app interface

Learn how to use the user interface to explore analytics apps.

Exploring analyses with Insight Advisor

Learn how to use Insight Advisor to build and explore your own analyses.

Exploring with selections

Learn how to explore data using selections.

Bookmarking selections

Learn how to bookmark your selections to use them again later or share them with others.

Using smart search

Learn how to search the entire dataset used in an app.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring visualizations

Learn how to monitor visualizations

Monitoring data with alerts

Learn how to detect outliers and anomalies in your data quickly with alerts.

Scheduling reports with subscriptions

Learn how to receive emails of visualizations and sheets from apps.

Sharing and collaboration

Sharing and downloading app content

Learn how to share content from apps with other users.

Sharing insights with data storytelling

Learn how to share your data insights in an app.

Conversational analytics

Exploring apps with conversational analytics

Learn how to explore apps to which you have access using Insight Advisor Chat.

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