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Creating analytics and visualizing data


Creating analytics and visualizing data

Qlik Sense provides tools to create powerful analytics and data visualizations. The apps you build set the foundation on which app users can visualize data and make discoveries.Visualizations engage users to freely explore data to reveal associations and correlations that ultimately drive insight and decisions made with confidence. Visualizations that best showcase data can include interactive charts, plots, and filters that update instantly in response to user selections.

Creating apps

Creating apps and adding data

Learn how to add apps to your cloud hub.

Reloading app data in the cloud hub

Learn how to keep the data in your apps up to date.

Tutorial - Build an analytics app

This tutorial shows you how to build a Qlik Sense analytics app. You will add data, create charts, and build a storytelling presentation.

Designing apps

Styling an app

Learn how to style your app.

Structuring an app using sheets

Learn how to add and use sheets in your app.

Qlik Sense visualizations

Learn about the visualizations you can use to visualize your data.

Creating and editing visualizations

Learn about how to create and edit visualizations in your app.

Creating visualizations with Insight Advisor

Learn how to create analyses from analysis types, search-based analysis, or data selections.

Managing apps

Publishing apps

Learn how to publishing apps to managed spaces.

Moving apps

Lean how to move apps between spaces.

Uploading apps

Learn how to upload apps.

Turning off Insight Advisor

Learn how to turn off Insight Advisor search-based analysis in an app.

Making apps available in Insight Advisor Chat

Learn how to make your apps available for conversational analytics.