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Reporting from Qlik Cloud Analytics

Qlik Cloud Analytics offers several reporting capabilities that allow business intelligence teams to reach stakeholders who need to consume file-based analytics.

Reporting with subscriptions

Business users can create subscriptions of a single chart or up to 10 sheets, delivered as an email message with a PDF or PowerPoint attachment on a predefined schedule. These reports can be sent to other Qlik Cloud Analytics users in your system. This reporting option supports section access.

For more information, see Scheduling reports with subscriptions.

Centralized report development and delivery

The Qlik Cloud platform and the value-add Qlik Reporting Service support common advanced report composition and burst distribution requirements typically managed by centralized report developers.

Check with your service account owner about your Qlik Cloud subscription's included capacities.

System integrators can use the Qlik Reporting Service API for systematic integration and customer-specific report distribution. For more information about the API, see Reports.

Tabular reporting using the Qlik add-in for Microsoft Excel

Application and report developers can create report templates using the Qlik add-in for Microsoft Excel.

Report templates can then be used in report tasks that are managed within a Qlik Sense application. Distribution lists and report filters, elements of report tasks, can be configured within the app to support scaled report delivery. Reports can be delivered by email, and to folders with Microsoft SharePoint connections. Reports can be filtered at the task level, or on a per-user basis, to leverage burst report delivery.

Generated reports can be in .xlsx or PDF format. Reports can be sent to other Qlik Cloud tenant users or recipients outside of your system. For more information, see Tabular reporting with Qlik Cloud Analytics.

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS Government note

Tabular reporting is not available in Qlik Cloud Government.

Reporting using Qlik Application Automation

Application and report developers can use the combination of the Qlik Reporting Service and Qlik Application Automation to deliver customized automated reports.

Reports of Qlik Sense sheets are delivered as PDF or PowerPoint files, and can be sent to other Qlik Cloud users in your system or recipients outside of your system.

You can create a multi-page report using an automation template or create your own fully custom report definition.

For more information, see Reporting from Qlik Cloud Analytics with Qlik Application Automation.

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