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App overview

Manage sheets, bookmarks and stories from the app overview.

Click an app to open the app overview.

App overview

App overview.

App name and data load information is displayed in the app details area.

Public content is shown under Public sheets, Public bookmarks, and Public stories.

Private content is displayed under My sheets, My bookmarks, and My stories.

For apps in managed spaces, content added by other users after the app was published is displayed under Community sheets, Community bookmarks, and Community stories.

You can do the following:

  • Click App objects Sheets, Bookmark Bookmarks, or Story Mode Stories to display those elements in the app overview.

    • Click a sheet, story, or bookmark to open it.

    • Create new sheets or stories, and view bookmarks. You have to create bookmarks in sheet view.

    • Click the title of a sheet or a story to display details.

    • Duplicate or reorder sheets.

    • Make sheets or stories public or private.

  • Click Edit Edit to change the name of the app, or to open the media library. Add a thumbnail for the app from the media library.

  • Click Settings Settings to change the settings for an app. You can, for example, turn on or turn off Insight Advisor Search and Insight Advisor Analysis Types, change the appearance of the app, and change the styling of the sheet. You can hide the toolbar and header on sheets.

Tip noteYou can open or close the app details area by clicking the app name in the navigation bar.
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