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Creating filter panes

You can add a filter pane to control what data that is shown in the visualizations on a sheet. A filter pane can filter the data of several dimensions at once.

You can create a filter pane on the sheet you are editing.

In a filter pane you can use up to 1000 dimensions.

  1. In a sheet, click to add a new visualization.
  2. Under Visualization, select Filter pane.
  3. Click and drag a field or master dimension under Data. You can add multiple dimensions to a filter pane.

When you have created the filter pane, you may want to adjust its appearance and other settings in the properties panel.

Tip noteIf you double-click or drag a field or a dimension from the assets panel, a filter pane is added to the sheet using the dimension. If you then double-click more dimensions, they are automatically added to the new filter pane.

Each field in the filter pane will have its own listbox, which will show the individual field values. Each listbox in a filter pane can be customized with its own unique properties. To customize a listbox, you need to turn on the Advanced options when editing the sheet.

Configuring search options

In the Listbox properties, you can choose whether or not users can search for individual field values in each listbox within the filter pane. You can also switch the default Search mode from Normal to Wildcard. Wildcard adds default wildcard symbols (*) to the search field.

Condensing information in the filter pane

To remove extra space between each dimension value, select the Compact view checkbox under Presentation in the advanced properties for each listbox.

Changing selection behavior

If you select Checkbox mode under Presentation, the listbox for that field will switch to a view in which each dimension value is represented by a checkbox. In this mode, selections are made by clicking the checkbox next to each item, rather than the default behavior allowing clicking and dragging to select multiple values at once.

Displaying dimension value frequencies

Under Presentation for a listbox, click the checkbox next to Histogram to display bars underneath each dimension value to represent how frequently each value appears in the data.

Switching to grid layout

By default, a listbox for a field in a filter pane will be set to show data in a single column. Alternatively, you can show data in a grid layout. Under Presentation, switch the parameter for Show data in from Single column to Grid.

In the grid layout, you can also configure how the data is ordered (by Row or Column), and customize the maximum visible rows or columns in the grid.

Showing the frequency of values

You can show the frequency next to each value, either as an absolute number or as a percentage. You select this by clicking the field in the properties panel, then clicking Presentation > Show frequency.

Information noteIn some cases the frequency cannot be calculated and is displayed as -. One example of this is for key fields.
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