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Creating gauges

The gauge shows a single measure value and visualizes how to interpret that value.

You can create a gauge on the sheet you are editing. In a gauge you can only have one measure and no dimensions.

  1. In a sheet, click to add a new visualization.
  2. Under Visualization, select Gauge.
  3. Click and drag and field under Data to use as a measure.

When you have created the gauge, you may want to adjust its appearance and other settings in the properties panel.

The following settings are used by default in a gauge:

  • A radial gauge.
  • A single (blue) color.
  • Range limits: min (0), max (100).
  • No segments.
  • Label and title are displayed in medium scale.

For example, you can change the radial gauge to a bar, and use a color gradient.

Bar gauge with a color gradient.

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