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Tutorial - Build an analytics app

In this tutorial, you will build a Qlik Sense app. You will add data, create charts, and build a storytelling presentation.

What you will learn

Once you have completed this tutorial, you will understand the different steps involved in building an app, including creating visualizations with Insight Advisor. You will also learn principles of app design.

Who should complete this tutorial

Users who are familiar with the basics of Qlik Sense. You know how to make selections and how to interpret the results of your selection.

What you need to do before you start

Before you can start working with Qlik Sense, you need access to one of the following Qlik Sense SaaS:

  • Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS
  • Qlik Sense Business

Open Qlik Sense by entering a web address in your browser, such as https://<your tenant address>. If a login window is opened in your browser, enter your user name and password. The exact address and credentials that you enter depend on how your organization has deployed Qlik Sense.

You need these data files to complete the tutorial. Download this package and unzip it on your desktop:

Building an App files

The package contains files for the Building an App tutorial. You can upload the files to your hub in Qlik Sense SaaS.

You need load data privileges in Qlik Sense in order to upload files to the hub.

Lessons in this tutorial

The topics in this tutorial are designed to be completed in sequence. However, you can step away and return at any time. The screenshots in this tutorial are taken in Qlik Sense SaaS. This tutorial is focused on Qlik Sense SaaS,so some differences may occur if you are using Qlik Sense in a different environment.

Further reading and resources

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