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Creating treemaps

Treemaps display hierarchical data by using nested rectangles, that is, smaller rectangles within a larger rectangle.

You can create a treemap on the sheet you are editing.

  1. In a sheet, click to add a new visualization.
  2. Under Visualization, select Treemap.
  3. Click Add and select a field or master dimension. This should be the highest level in the hierarchy. It will be displayed as the main group in the chart.
  4. Optionally, click Add and select a field or master dimension to set the rectangles within the group. If you add a third dimension, it will instead be used as a second level of grouping.
  5. Optionally, click Add and select a third field or master dimension to define the rectangles.
  6. Click Add and select a measure or master measure to define the size of the rectangles.

In a treemap you need at least one dimension and one measure, but to make full use of the treemap it is preferable to have two or three dimensions. You can only have one measure, but up to 15 dimensions. We do not recommend using more than three dimensions as the treemap may become unmanageable.

When you have created the treemap, you may want to adjust its appearance and other settings in the properties panel.

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