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Reusing sheets and sheet content

You can reuse content on sheets and duplicate sheets.

Copying, replacing and moving items on sheets

You can copy, replace, and move items on a sheet and between sheets. You can do this in the following ways:

  • By right-clicking and selecting Cut, Copy and Paste.
  • With the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V.
  • Using the edit bar on the sheet (Cut, Copy and Paste). (Advanced options)

Duplicating a sheet

You can duplicate any sheet, regardless of whether it is a sheet that belongs to the app or a sheet you have created yourself. The purpose of duplicating sheets is to save time by reusing content, and to allow you to modify the duplicate so that it fits your needs better.A duplicated sheet contains the same visualizations as the original sheet, and is linked to the same master items. The duplicated sheet is a standalone sheet with no connection to the original sheet. Duplicated sheets appear under My own in app overview and in Sheets in the assets panel.

You can duplicate a sheet in the following ways:

  • Click Duplicate in the shortcut menu of a sheet in the app overview or in the sheet navigator.
  • Click Duplicate sheet in the global menu in the app overview or in sheet view.

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