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Working in spaces



Working in spaces

Spaces are sections of the cloud hub used to both:

  • Collaboratively develop apps
  • Control access to apps.

You can find your spaces using the spaces drop-down in Catalog. To learn more about the different sections of spaces, see Navigating spaces.

Personal spaces

Your personal space is your own private work area in the cloud hub. You cannot share apps from your personal space and other users cannot collaborate with you.

Shared spaces

Shared spaces are used to develop apps collaboratively and share them with other users in the space. A team might have a shared space for the private development and consumption of their own apps.

Shared spaces can be created by any user with a professional license.

Working in shared spaces

Managed spaces

Managed spaces are used for providing governed access to apps with strict access control both for the app and the app data. In a managed space, only the space owner and target app consumers can open the apps. No other users can open the apps in the managed space unless they have been given permission.

Information noteManaged spaces are not available with Qlik Sense Business.

Apps in managed spaces are developed in personal or shared spaces and published to the managed space. Members need the Can publish permission in the managed space to publish.

Managed spaces can only be created by tenant or analytics administrators, or users with the ManagedSpaceCreator role.

Working in managed spaces

Data spaces

Data spaces are used to provide governed access to data assets and data resources with strict control on how those data assets and resources are used. Data spaces can only be created by tenant admins, data admins, and data space creators. Data spaces are available from Data home. The owner of the data space can add members to the data space and assign each user a space role, which gives them permissions on the data assets. The data assets in a data space can be used in apps only for members of the data space who have the required roles to consume the data assets.

Working in data spaces

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