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Troubleshooting - Working with others in the cloud hub


Troubleshooting - Working with others in the cloud hub

This section describes problems that can occur when working with others in the cloud hub in Qlik Sense.

I cannot change with whom I shared my app

I shared an app with other users from my personal space using the Share option. I wanted to change who has access to this app, but cannot find the Share option.

Possible cause  

The Share option for sharing apps from a personal space was deprecated as ofthe March 2020 release of Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. Apps are now shared only from shared spaces.

If the Share option was not toggled off before the deprecation of the Share option, you will not be able to change who your app is shared with.

Proposed action  

Duplicate the app and then delete the original app. Duplicating an app does not duplicate the access you gave to other users.

  1. Go to your personal space.
  2. Right-click a shared app and select Duplicate.

    A duplicate of the app is created.

  3. Delete the shared app.