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Using feedback and usage metrics to improve app usability

If you are assigned the audit administrator role in a Qlik Cloud tenant, you can access usage metrics for Insight Advisor and Insight Advisor Chat through the Natural Language API. The metrics include feedback from app users on their experience using Insight Advisor and Insight Advisor Chat to generate visualizations.

User interactions with an app through Insight Advisor, such as natural language questions, providing feedback, or method of analysis creation (for example, through the assets panel or by selecting an analysis type), are logged as events which can be accessed by audit administrators. The metrics can be used to improve app user experience through changes to the logical model or the data itself. These records will be retained for 30 calendar days.

Usage metrics can help app creators assess the success of app users in finding helpful insights in their data. For example, the metrics will identify what types of questions are not producing any results. The interpreter of the metrics can then make the needed adjustments to the app's data model or logical model to make the app more helpful. Additionally, if the metrics reveal a large number of unanswered questions, a possible solution could be to enable Insight Advisor Chat for more apps and to create new apps to help answer these questions.

Usage metrics for Insight Advisor and Insight Advisor Chat are collected for all app users in a shared or managed space. The metrics are collected from natural language API endpoints. As an audit administrator, it is not possible to view usage and feedback data for an app user's personal space.

To view usage metrics and feedback for an app, you need the following:

  • Developer role in the tenant in which the app is located.

  • Audit administrator role in the tenant in which the app is located.

  • One of the following permissions in the space in which the app is located:

    • Shared spaces:

      • Owner

      • Can manage

      • Can edit

      • Can view

    • Managed spaces:

      • Is owner

      • Can manage

      • Can contribute

      • Can view

      • Has restricted view

Information noteThe Natural Language API does not check section access controls in the app's load script. If an audit administrator has the Developer role and can open apps (as provided through the space permissions), they can view the app usage metrics.

For more information about the audit administrator role, see Audit administrator.

In addition to direct feedback, this endpoint can deliver other useful event metrics, including whether user requests are sent through natural language with Insight Advisor Search, the assets panel, or Insight Advisor Analysis Types.

For specifics about the Natural Language API, see Natural language.

For a tutorial on using the Natural Language API, see Collect and share Insight Advisor feedback.