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Making preparations

In this step, you will create a new analytics app, and add the data files from the BuildingAnAppFiles folder.

Opening Qlik Cloud

Open Qlik Cloud by entering a web address in your browser, such as https://<your tenant address>. If a login window is opened in your browser, enter your user name and password. The exact address and credentials that you enter depend on how your organization has deployed Qlik Cloud.

Placing tutorial source files in a new app

The BuildingAnAppFiles folder you downloaded contains the data files. Before you start creating visualizations you need to make a new app and add your data.

When you create a new app, put it in your personal space. Your personal space is your own private work area in the hub.

Create a new app

  1. Log in to Qlik Cloud.
  2. Click Add new.
  3. Click New analytics app.
  4. Type a Name for your app. For example: Building an app tutorial.
  5. Choose a Space for your new app.

    The default option is your Personal space.

  6. Click Create.

Upload the tutorial source files

You need to upload the data files to the hub.

  1. Open the app you created.

    You will see the app overview screen.

  2. Select the four .xlsx data files from the BuildingAnAppFiles folder and drag them to the Files and other sources tile. These four files are:

    • Cities.xlsx

    • Customers.xlsx

    • Item master.xlsx

    • Sales.xlsx

    The view in an app with no data. There are 3 cards:Data catalog, Files and other sources, Data load editor.

  3. In the top left, click Add Add data. Click Files and other sources.
  4. Drag the Sales rep.csv file onto the Drop a file here or click to select a file tile.
  5. You will see the data table. Make sure that the Field names drop-down is set to Embedded field names.
  6. Click Next.
Information note

If you see a dialog box that says "Replace file? This file already exists", then you may have added these files to your personal space previously. Or you may have different data files with the same file names. You can choose to replace the existing files, or cancel the upload.

The data files are added to your personal data files. They are ready to be associated in the Data manager.

Data files in the Data manager

Data tables in Data manager ready to be associated

The next step is to associate and load the data.

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