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Troubleshooting alerts

This section describes problems that can occur when using alerts.

The preview could not be generated

You get a message The preview could not be generated when creating the alert.

Possible cause  

You have access to the app as a tenant or analytics admin but you do not have access as a user.

Proposed action  

You need to get at least viewing permissions to the app to be able to create alerts. Request viewing permissions from the app owner.

No access to app

The message No access to app is displayed under App in the alerts overview.

Possible cause 1

You do not have permission to view the app.

Proposed action  

Contact the tenant or analytics admin to get at least view permission to the app.

Possible cause 2

The app has been deleted.


Data is limited to 100,000 rows

When the alert is evaluated the data set is limited to the first 100,000 rows of the returned hypercube. This means that it will not evaluate on the full data set or provide a complete result.

If you have a large data set, the workaround is to create multiple alerts with a filter to reduce the number of rows in the data set to evaluate.

Email notifications are limited to 10 rows of data

If the result of the alert evaluation contains more than 10 rows of data, the email notification only shows the first 10 rows.

There is also a CSV file with all rows of data attached to the email. Do not open the CSV file directly in Excel. As the fields are delimited with Tab characters and Excel expect commas, it will not be correctly formatted. To open the CSV file:

  1. Download the CSV file to your computer.

  2. Open Excel with a blank workbook.

  3. Import the CSV file using Tab as delimiter.

You can have up to 50 alerts

The number of alerts that you own or subscribe to, is limited to 50. Disabled alerts also count towards the limit. If you have reached the limit you can reduce the number of alerts.

  • Delete alerts that you own.

  • Unsubscribe from alerts that have been shared with you.

Sharing alerts based on apps with section access

If the alert is based on an app that uses section access to manage user access, you can share the alert with up to 100 recipients.

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