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hour - script and chart function

This function returns an integer representing the hour when the fraction of the expression is interpreted as a time according to the standard number interpretation.



Return data type: integer

Regional settings

Unless otherwise specified, the examples in this topic use the following date format: MM/DD/YYYY. The date format is specified in the SET DateFormat statement in your data load script. The default date formatting may be different in your system, due to your regional settings and other factors. You can change the formats in the examples below to suit your requirements. Or you can change the formats in your load script to match these examples. For more information, see Modifying app regional settings.

Default regional settings in apps are based on a combination of identity provider settings, system settings, or browser settings. These regional format settings are not related to the language displayed in the Qlik Cloud user interface. Qlik Cloud will be displayed in the same language as the browser you are using.

If you are an app creator, you can set the default region for apps you create. For more information, see Setting your preferred regional settings for creating apps.

Function examples
Example Result

hour( '09:14:36' )

The text string supplied is implicitly converted to a timestamp as it matches the timestamp format defined in the TimestampFormat variable. The expression returns 9.

hour( '0.5555' )

The expression returns 13 ( Because 0.5555 = 13:19:55 ).

Example 1 – Variable (script)

Example 2 – Chart object (chart)