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Collaboratively developing data models in shared spaces

You can collaboratively develop app load scripts with other members of a shared space.

By default, only the app owner can use Data manager and Data load editor to add data to an app, build the data model, and load data into their app. The Can edit data in apps user role allows other users in the shared space to use Data load editor and Data manager in apps they do not own.

Information noteThe Can edit data in apps user role also allows users to make changes to the logical models and vocabularies of apps in the shared space. For more information, see Co-developing business logic in shared spaces.

When one user is editing the load script in Data load editor, the script is locked for other users. The script remains locked until:

  • The app is reloaded.

  • Two minutes pass after the last changes to the load script.

Changes made by different users are automatically saved as versions in History. Users can review changes between different script versions in History. For more information on managing script versions, see Managing data load script history.

Data load editor locked by another user

Data load editor locked for editing by another user.

If an app has a scheduled reload set, ownership of the scheduled reload transfers to the last user to edit the app's load script. In other words, the reload schedule will be assigned to you. This allows the most recent load script editor to optionally edit the app's reload schedule. If a user loads data in Data manager, they also become the owner of the reload schedule (the reload schedule is assigned to them). Using Data manager in an app with co-development is not recommended.

Collaborative development and Data manager

It is recommended to only use Data load editor when collaboratively developing the data model.

Data manager does not directly impact the load script outside of the Auto-generated section. Updates to the data model made in Data manager are not saved to the load script until a user in Data manager clicks Load data. As a result, Data manager is not locked when the load script is locked. Users are informed when another user is editing the load script, however.

In a co-development scenario, if a user in Data manager makes changes while another user is working in Data manager, their changes could be lost when the other user clicks Load data.

When Data manager uses synchronized tables from Data load editor, Data manager is not locked when a user is working in Data load editor. Depending on how the load script was changed by another user, changes in Data manager may be lost if the load script has been edited in the interim.

If you load data in Data manager, you will become the owner of any scheduled reload the app has. In other words, the reload schedule will be assigned to you.


Script co-development has the following limitation:

  • Buttons added to sheets that have the reload data action cannot load data while the script is locked for editing.

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