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Getting started with loading your data

Qlik Cloud Analytics offers a variety of ways to load and transform your data for use in Qlik Sense apps.

The best method of adding your data to Qlik Cloud and loading it into an app depends on the type of data you are working with.

This topic provides several workflows by data type.

  • Existing data sources

  • New data files

  • New web, cloud, and database sources

  • New manually-entered data

Existing data sources

You may have access to existing data sources in Qlik Cloud. You may have already added these sources or they may be made available to you by others.

If you are using an existing dataset, such as an QVD or XLSX file, the data catalog is the best tool for loading your data into an app.

If you are using an existing connection, you can add data using Data manager or Data load editor. Data manager offers a guided experience for adding data. Data load editor allows you to script the loading of your data.

New data files

If you have data files stored on-premise that you want to use with your analytics apps, you need to add them to Qlik Cloud.

If the dataset is not likely to require regular updates, you can manually upload the dataset. Once it is uploaded, you can use the data catalog to add the data you your app.

If your local dataset is updated frequently, you can use Qlik DataTransfer to automatically transfer the dataset to Qlik Cloud as it is updated.

New web, cloud, and database sources

If you have data stored on the web, in the cloud, or in databases, you can access your data to Qlik Cloud using a connector. Qlik Sense has a range of connectors available.

Once you have added your connections to Qlik Cloud, you have two options:

  • You can create a dataset from your connection. This creates a data file in Qlik Cloud that data from your connection is loaded into. This makes it faster to load data from connection data sources.

  • You can load directly from the connection in your app.

You can create datasets from data accessed from your connections

You can add a connection to a data source in Qlik Cloud and then directly load data through the connection.

New manually-entered data

You can manually enter data in Data manager, This is useful if you have a data source where you may want to edit some value in Qlik Sense or if you have data in a table in a PDF or other source that Qlik Sense cannot import data from.

Preparing data for other apps

You can use scripts to load, transform, and export data for use in apps. Scripts are useful when you need to transform data, but do not want to create a full analytics app.

  1. Create a script in the hub.

    Creating scripts

  2. Add data sources to the script. Do one of the following:

  3. Edit and transform the data you added to the scripts.

    Editing load scripts

    Understanding script syntax and data structures

    Script syntax overview

  4. Optionally, if your loaded data includes geographic data, use GeoOperations to perform geographic calculations and functions.

  5. Qlik GeoOperations analytics sources

  6. Optionally, preview the data and troubleshoot any issue.

    Previewing data in load scripts

  7. Load and export your data.

    Running load scripts to export data in scripts

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