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Loading analytics data

Qlik Sense lets you to connect to your data, wherever it is stored, with a wide range of Qlik Connectors and other data connection types.

When you create a data connection it is saved to Qlik Sense, so you can quickly select and load data from the data sources that you commonly use.

Adding and loading data

There are different ways you can add and load data.

  • Add data to spaces

    You can add data files and data connections directly in spaces. You can also add data sources when managing spaces. Once data sources are added to a space, you can load data from them in your apps using Data Catalog, data manager or data load editor.

    For more information, see Adding and managing your analytics data.

    If you have on-premise data sources you want to use in your tenant, you can upload them using Qlik DataTransfer. For more information, see Uploading on-premises data with Qlik DataTransfer.

  • Load data from the data catalog

    You can load data from datasets in the spaces to which you have access. Once loaded into your app, you can make associations and edit your data tables in Data manager.

    For more information, see Loading data from the data catalog.

  • Loading data with Data manager

    There are different ways of adding data using Data manager. You can add data to your app from a new or an existing data source. You can also upload certain file types and load that data in Data manager. There is also the option to manually enter data into an editor and add it as a table in Data manager.

    For more information, see Loading and managing data with Data Manager.

  • Loading data with Data load editor

    With Data load editor, you can select data from a new or existing data connection, or use the script editor to load data from a data connection. You can also edit existing data connections.

    For more information, see Loading and transforming data with scripting.

Information note

You can only see and use data connections that you own. You cannot change the owner of a connection.

Data sources

You can load data from a variety of file formats. For more information, see Loading data from files.

You can also connect to a large number of data sources.

  • ODBC and JDBC databases

  • REST data sources

  • Salesforce

  • SAP NetWeaver

  • Social media or web-based data sources

  • Web storage providers

To see which data sources are available, see Data sources in Qlik Sense SaaS.

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