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Geospatial functions

These functions are used to handle geospatial data in map visualizations. Qlik Sense follows GeoJSON specifications for geospatial data and supports the following:

  • Point
  • Linestring
  • Polygon
  • Multipolygon

For more information on GeoJSON specifications, see:

Map chart

Use the drop-down on each function to see a brief description and the syntax of each function. Click the function name in the syntax description for further details.

There are two categories of geospatial functions: aggregation and non-aggregation.

Aggregation functions take a geometry set (points or areas) as input, and return a single geometry. For example, multiple areas can be merged together, and a single boundary for the aggregation can be drawn on the map.

Non-aggregation function take a sinlge geometry and return one geometry. For example, for the function GeoGetPolygonCenter(), if the boundary geometry of one area is set as input, the point geometry (longitude and latitude) for the center of that area is returned.

The following are aggregation functions:

The following are non-aggregation functions:

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