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Publishing apps

You can publish apps from a personal or shared space to a managed space. Publishing creates a copy of the app in the managed space.

You must have the Owner or Can publish permission in the managed spaces to which you are publishing or republishing the app. If the app being published is in a shared space, you also need the Can edit space role or higher in that shared space in order to publish the app.

You can view the spaces that an app has been published to in Details.

Apps indicate when they were last published to a managed space in the publish dialog.

Information noteScheduled reloads are not included for the published copy of an app. Published apps must have scheduled reloads reconfigured on the app in the managed space.
Information note

Apps that have enabled Insight Advisor in the hub must be reloaded after being published to a managed space.

Information note

Once an on-demand selection app is published to a managed space, you cannot edit the navigation link in the selection app or published app. If you need to update the navigation link, delete the published app. Next, edit the link in the selection app, and publish the app again to the managed space.

For more information about publishing apps in a managed space, see Using apps in managed spaces.

  1. Click More on the app and select Publish.
  2. Select a managed space.

  3. Optionally, change the Published app name, Description, and Tags of the app.
  4. Click Publish.

Republishing apps

Apps in managed spaces are updated by republishing the source app. When you republish an app, you can either publish a new version of the app or replace existing copies of the app in managed spaces.

An app does not have to be in the same space to republish. For example, you may develop apps with separate developing and verification spaces, each with copies of the original app. Either space can republish their copy of the app to the managed space.

If another copy of the app has republished and replaced the app in the managed space, you will see the publishing dialog. If you change the name when publishing to match the name of the app in the managed space, you will republish that app.

  1. Click More on the app and select Publish.
  2. If you want to publish a new version of the app, click Publish new.

  3. If you want to replace existing published copies of the app, select the copies to replace.
  4. To include data with the app, select Include data.
  5. Click Republish.

App ownership when publishing apps

When an app is published to a managed space, the published copy of the app has the same owner as the source app.

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