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Exporting apps

You can export apps from the cloud hub as .qvf files. These can be uploaded into other cloud hubs or Qlik Sense versions.

Warning note

Tenant admins can export apps from any user's personal space. However, if the app uses section access, and the admin is not the app owner, they will not be able to access the script upon upload to another cloud hub. The admin must duplicate the app to access the data load editor and create a new script.

Information noteTo export an app that uses section access, you must be assigned at least one of the following permissions for shared spaces:
  • Can edit

  • Can manage

When you export an app, the following content is included:

  • Public content (sheets, stories, bookmarks)
  • Private content belonging to you
  • The media library.
  • Data loaded in the app.

The exported app is saved in the default download folder of your web browser.

You can export the app without any data. This only exports the sheets and stories of the app. If you have access to a Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment, you can import this into QMC and use it to replace the sheets and stories of an app without changing the data model. For more information, see Importing apps.

Exporting apps with data

  • Click More on the app you want to export and select Export with data.

Exporting apps without data

  • Click More on the app you want to export and select Export without data.