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Duplicating apps

You can duplicate any app you have access to by clicking More on the app and selecting Duplicate. The duplicate can be modified: you can add different data or edit sheets.

Information noteTo duplicate an app that uses section access, you must be assigned at least one of the following permissions for shared spaces:
  • Can edit

  • Can manage

Duplicating apps has several uses. For example, you can copy an app to use it as a template. You can also duplicate apps as a form of version control, and store older ones a space created for archival purposes.

Duplicated apps keep the original data sources and data. If you did not create the original data sources used in the app, you will have to recreate data sources in the app.

Information note

If you duplicate an app published to the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub from Qlik Sense Enterprise, the data sources in the app may not be supported for apps in the cloud hub. You will not be able to reload data. You can change the data sources in a duplicated app, however.

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