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Moving apps

You can move apps between shared spaces as well as between a shared space and a personal space.

If you create an app in a shared space, the data connections related to it will stay in that space, even if the app moves. For example, you create an app called QuarterlyAnalysis in the Data Team shared space. If you move QuarterlyAnalysis to a different shared space, the data connections will remain in the Data Team shared space. If the data needs to be edited or reloaded, it must be done by a user with Can edit or Can edit data in apps roles in the Data Team shared space. The same would apply if you created an app in a personal space and moved it to a shared space.

If you move an app with a reload schedule between spaces, the reload schedule is deleted. Recreate the schedule in the new space if required.

  1. Click Move on the app and select Move.
  2. Select the new space from Space.
  3. To open the new space, select Navigate to space.
  4. Click Move.

If you are a tenant admin or analytics admin, you can move apps between spaces in the Management Console. Apps can be moved between shared spaces, between a shared space and a personal space, or between managed spaces. For information about these administrator privileges, see Managing apps for tenant and analytics administrators.

Movement of data connections

Once a data connection has been created in a space, it is not possible to move the connection to another space unless you have access to the Management Console as a tenant admin, analytics admin, or data admin. To move an existing data connection to another space, contact an administrator or create a new connection in the desired space with the same settings as the existing connection.

For documentation about how an administrator can move a connection, see Moving data connections.

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