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Creating apps and adding data

Apps can be added to the cloud hub by creating new apps, duplicating existing apps, or uploading exported apps.

Any cloud hub member with the professional license can create apps in the cloud hub.

Creating a new app

You can create apps by clicking Add new and then New analytics app. When you create a new app, you can specify the destination space of the app. By default, apps are added to the current space.

Creating an app from data

You can create a new app directly from a dataset. From the Home tab, go to Your data, or from the Catalog tab, filter on Data. Apps created this way are added to the same spaces as the data.

  • Select Open dataset on the dataset you want to create an app from. When the Details page opens, select Create app from data button in task bar. A modal appears with configurable descriptive fields for your app; enter Name and Description (optional) for your app, then Create.

Adding data and content to apps

Once you create your new app, you need to add data. For information on managing data in an app, see Loading and modeling analytics data.

After you add data, you can create sheets, stories, and visualizations. Sheets, stories, and bookmarks in your app are private until you make them public. For more information, see Granting access to sheets, bookmarks, and stories.

For more information on creating sheets and visualizations, see: Creating and editing visualizations.