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Co-developing business logic in shared spaces

You can co-develop app logical models and vocabulary with other members of a shared space.

By default, only the app owner can develop the logical model and vocabulary in their app. The Can edit data in apps user role, however, allows other users in the shared space to develop app load script and business logic in apps they do not own

As a best practice, coordinate with your co-development team to avoid working on the same sections at the same time, such as Fields & groups or Custom analysis. When changes from two or more users are in conflict, the most recent change takes precedence over other work.

Additionally, changes to Fields & groups can impact users working in other sections of the logical model. If a single field is changed in Fields & groups, it only impacts other users in Fields & groups. If multiple fields are changed in one action in Fields & groups, it will impact all sections of the logical model.

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