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Creating the glossary

In this part of the tutorial, you will:

  • Create a new space

  • Create a new glossary

  • Create a glossary overview.

Creating a new space and uploading ContractValues

For convenience, it is best to do this tutorial in a new space. You may do this tutorial in an existing space, however.

Information note

If you do not have the Shared Space Creator role, the business glossary can remain in your personal space.

  1. In the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub, click Add new > Create space.
  2. Under Name, enter Space_Business.
  3. Under Type, select Shared.
  4. Upload the app ContractValues from the zip file to your Qlik Cloud environment.

Creating a new glossary

  1. Select Catalog from the left-side navigation panel in your Qlik Cloud environment, then Add new > Create glossary.
  2. The Glossary details tab and Details sub-tab open. Add the following values:
    • Name: Sales and Contracts.
    • Description: This glossary provides terminology and definitions about sales and contracts for the ACME organization. The objective of this glossary is to make sure that everyone in the organization is using the same terms with a common understanding of what the terms mean.
    • Space: Space_Business
    • Tagssales, contracts, compliance, contract value, pipeline.
  3. Select the Term template tab found under the Glossary details tab. Select the edit icon Edit icon to open the editor. Enter the following attributes that will display as a guide for users adding Related information fields to terms:

    ##Example formula and calculation

    ##Required information

    ##Standard terms and agreement


  4. Save the template.

Creating the glossary overview

  1. Select the Glossary overview tab. This rich text editor provides space to describe ways of working with links to steward and contributor contact details, resources, and ways of working. Select the edit icon Edit icon to open the editor.

  2. Create three headings in bold: Objectives, Ways of working, Contacts.
  3. Under Objectives, enter:

    The key purpose of this glossary is to provide common terminology and resources for employees in the sales department of the ACME corporation to access in the procurement and execution of services and product contracts. It is expected that all salespersons will refer to this glossary to align with standard contract procedures and requirements.

  4. On a new line enter: Sales leaders responsible for specific areas:

  5. Add the following bullet points: 

    • Promotions: Joanne Welles, Sales Supervisor,

    • Contract renewals and terms: Lori Baum, Contract Manager,

    • Sales support: Georgia Mille, Sales Ops Analyst,

  6. Under Ways of working, enter: 

    Sales representatives are expected to remain compliant with requirements around sales opportunities and related contracts. Depending on where you are in the sales cycle, this glossary will provide links to the resources appropriate for that stage.

  7. Add the following lines separately:

    Additional resources:

  8. Under Contacts, enter the following lines: 

    The primary owner and steward of this glossary is <Your name> or Georgia Mille.

    Note that specific terms and categories are assigned to various people in the organization as indicated by the Term Steward and Category Steward listed. You are encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback and suggestions for improved definitions and additional content.

    Contributing individuals include:,

  9. Save the overview.

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