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Monitoring resource consumption

Administrators can monitor purchased and used amounts of different capacities in the Home pane in the Management Console. The pane gives you an overview of the consumption of user allocations, data capacity, reports, and other capacity-based resources. It also shows a list of the capabilities that are enabled with your subscription and the limits on the capabilities.

Information note

The measurements shown in the charts in Home depend on your subscription. For example, Qlik Cloud capacity-based subscriptions measure the number of Full User entitlements, whereas user-based subscriptions show Professional and Analyzer entitlements. Some of the charts are not available in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS or Qlik Sense Business.

With Qlik Cloud capacity-based subscriptions, you can drill further into the usage data with an app that provides a detailed view of the consumption. For more information, see Monitoring usage with detailed consumption reports.

The Management Console Home (for a capacity-based subscription)

The Management Console Home pane with consumption charts

If you have more than one tenant within the same license, you will have a dropdown menu at the top. Select This tenant in the menu to see the consumption for the current tenant only, or select All tenants to see the total for all tenants.

The bar charts show your purchased and consumed amounts for capacity-based resources. Hover over the bars to see a tooltip with more details. The colors of the bars represent different metrics.

  • Blue bar: The consumed amount this period.

  • Light gray bar: The purchased amount this period.

  • Dark gray bar: The purchased amount last period.

  • Red bar: Overage consumption. Overage is when the consumption of a resource exceeds the purchased amount for the period. For more information, see Overage.

  • Dark gray vertical line: The consumed amount last period.

  • Black vertical line: The peak consumed amount.


The charts show the total available number of user entitlements across all tenants in the license. Your subscription determines whether you have charts for Professional, Analyzer, and Analyzer capacity, or charts for Full Users and Basic Users.

Data for Analysis

The Data for Analysis chart shows the sum of all data moved into Qlik Cloud. This includes all data being analyzed, profiled by the catalog, or landed in Qlik Cloud. Data is measured regularly throughout the day, calculated as the total loaded data minus all deleted data that was previously loaded.

The timestamp below the chart indicates when it was last updated. Different colors represent the type of data consumed, such as app imports, data files, or app reloads. The peak capacity, indicated by a vertical line, reflects the maximum consumption for the current period for all tenants in the license.

For more information, see Data for Analysis.

Large app capacity

The Large app utilization chart shows the current usage of large app capacity across all tenants in the license. The peak capacity is indicated by a vertical line in the chart, representing the maximum consumption for the day.

For more information about large app capacity, see Large app support.

Data Moved

The Data Moved chart shows the volume of data moved with Qlik Cloud Data Integration for the month. The Data Moved metric is the sum of all data moved—full load and CDC—to cloud destinations. The metric does not include the move of data into Qlik Cloud for analytics, which is counted as Data for Analysis. The initial full load of any new table or file is not included. For more information, see Data Moved.

Automation runs

The Automation runs chart shows the number of automations for the month that were executed using Application Automation. This could be manual runs, test runs, scheduled runs, triggered runs, or webhook runs.

Reports generated

The Reports generated chart shows the number of reports generated from the value-add Qlik Reporting Service capabilities for the month.

AutoML deployed models

The AutoML deployed models chart shows the number of deployed ML models for your subscription.

A Qlik Cloud Analytics subscription includes a defined maximum number of deployed models that can be created across all tenants created within the license. This consumption limit is defined per model, meaning that multiple ML deployments created from a single model count as a single deployed model. If you have reached the maximum number of deployed models, delete one or more existing deployed models or upgrade the subscription to a higher tier.


The reloads chart shows the number of scheduled reloads for the month.

Third party data transformation

The Third party data transformation chart shows the volume of all datasets that are registered and used in transformations but not moved by Qlik Cloud Data Integration. Data that is both transformed and moved is only counted once.


The list shows the capabilities that are enabled with your subscription and the limits on the capabilities. Capabilities are features in Qlik Cloud such as managed spaces, Reporting, or Application Automation. Your subscription determines which capabilities you can use and their respective limits. For example, your subscription might include automations with a limit of running 10 automations concurrently.

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