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Qlik Cloud administrator roles

There are a number of types of Qlik Cloud administrators. An individual can have more than one administrator role assigned.

Qlik Cloud supports the following types of administrators. For more information about administrator permissions, see Permissions granted by security roles.

Service account owner

The service account owner (SAO) is the person who registers for and manages the subscription or trial. They are responsible for creating and configuring the tenant and for inviting users to join the tenant.

The service account owner is considered the global or master administrator and is the initial tenant administrator. Only the service account owner can manage the subscription. For more information, see Managing your Qlik Cloud subscription

Information note If you need to change the service account owner, contact Qlik Support or create a support case from the Support Case Portal. For more information, see Qlik Cloud Services: Service Account Owner and Tenant Admin FAQ.

Tenant administrator

Tenant administrators are responsible for managing the organization’s Qlik Cloud environment. This role provides full capabilities to manage and administer the tenant, such as user management, system extensions, and system customization. Tenant administrators have full access to the Management Console. You must have at least one tenant administrator.

In addition to tenant admins, you can also have analytics admins, data admins, and audit admins in the tenant. These administrators have limited permissions compared to the tenant admin. For example, they cannot manage users or system security. You can use these roles to restrict administrators' capabilities.

Warning note

Anyone who is assigned the Tenant Admin role may be granted access to content (which may include personal content) relating to all users in the tenant to which the Tenant Admin role is assigned.

Analytics administrator

Analytics administrators can manage user resources for analytics services within shared and managed spaces. They cannot access content in other users' personal spaces. This includes apps, data files, data assets, and data connections.

Data administrator

Data administrators can manage user resources for data integration services within data spaces. They cannot access content in other users' personal spaces. Data spaces are managed from the Management Console and data resources are managed from the Data Integration home.

Audit administrator

Audit administrators who also are assigned the Developer role can access app feedback and usage metrics captured as part of the Natural Language API.

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