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Direct Query limitations

The following section describes the limitations of Direct Query.

The following limitations apply when using and creating Direct Query apps:

  • Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS does not support Direct Query.

  • Direct Query capabilities are dependent on the capabilities of the underlying cloud databases and SQL pushdown.

  • Direct Query performance is heavily affected by the performance of the underlying data source.

  • What is supported in Direct Query mode might be different in each app depending on the data connection type. Each database might treat the execution of queries differently.

  • Security is handled by the database.

  • Direct Query app type can only be selected for databases where Direct Query mode is supported.

  • To use Direct Query on a database, you need to have permission to read from the database.

  • To use Direct Query on a data connection, you need to have the Can consume data permission in the space where the data connection resides.

  • Interception and local execution of some operations will only follow the caching paradigm, which the user must turn on.

  • The following hub actions are not supported:

    • Impact analysis

    • Open without data

    • Publish

    • Evaluate performance

    • Reload

    • Schedule reload

  • There is a 1 million row limit on what can be returned in a single query to an underlying database.

  • The green, white and grey associative model is not supported. Because of the limitations of SQL query-based modelling, data is filtered rather than selected. For more information, see The associative selection model.

  • Sorting options are not supported in filter pane visualizations. Default sorting is applied automatically.

  • Direct Query filter panes do not indicate excluded values in gray. For more information, see Selection states.

  • Visualization extensions are not supported.

  • Embedding app content is not supported.

  • Sharing and downloading app content is not supported.

  • Context sensitive help is not available in the expression editor for Snowflake functions.

  • The following field search capabilities are not supported:

    • Fuzzy search

    • Compound search

    • Implicit word-based search or word-based search expressed with "^"

    • "-" and "+" symbols indicating additional search semantics instructions

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