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Creating ODAG links in Direct Query apps

You can link your Direct Query app to an on-demand template app. Creating these On-Demand App Generation (ODAG) links enables you to generate in-memory apps directly from your Direct Query app. This allows you to quickly extract data slices into Qlik Cloud for deeper analysis. For more information about generating an on-demand template app, see Exporting Direct Query app settings to a template app.

Creating an ODAG link

Do the following:

  1. In the sheet editor, select App navigation links from the assets panel and click Create new.
  2. In the window that appears, fill out the following fields:
    • Name

      The name of your app navigation link.

    • Template app

      Select your on-demand template app from the drop-down list.

    • Expression

      The expression for the dimension used in your filter when you generated the on-demand template app.

    • Maximum row count

      The maximum number of rows allowed for the link to function.

  3. Check the box Overwrite generated apps.
  4. Set Default view when opened to App overview to view your generated app or My new sheet to go to the sheet editor.
  5. Click Create.

Using an ODAG link

Once you have created an ODAG link, you must now create an interface to use it from your Direct Query app.

Do the following:

  1. In the sheet editor in your Direct Query app, create a button. For more information, see Adding visualizations in Creating a Direct Query app.
    Information noteYou can access the link by dragging it from the assets panel and dropping it on the sheet, but creating a button is recommended for ease of use.
  2. Select your button and, in the properties panel, click Actions and navigation.
  3. In the Navigation drop-down list, select On-demand app.
  4. In the On-demand drop-down list, select your ODAG link.
  5. Click Enable chart.
  6. Set Condition to enable chart to ON.
  7. Set the condition so the button is only enabled when your filter dimension = 1.

In the sheet view, your button will now be able to automatically generate a new on-demand in-memory app based on your selected dimension as long as you have selected exactly one value for your filter dimension. The generated app will have the same settings as your Direct Query app and will overwrite any previously generated on-demand apps.

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