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Exploring analytics with Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS

Use the Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS app to access and consume Qlik Sense apps that are available to you on a Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS or Qlik Sense Business tenant.

Information noteThe Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS app will use Wi-Fi when it is available. If Wi-Fi is not available, the app will attempt to use cellular data. If you do not want the app to use cellular data, disable cellular data on your device.

When you have opened an app in Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS, the sheets are presented at the top. Swipe the sheet title to navigate to the next or previous sheet. Tap the sheet title to get a list of sheets organized by public and private sheets.

You can use Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS in both portrait mode or landscape mode.

You can make selections, and on Apple devices you can share visualizations with others.

At the bottom you have a toolbar for selections and bookmarks. The selections tool can be expanded and you can then search for dimensions and fields, view the current selections and make selections in fields. Tap bookmarks to open the bookmark module.

Interacting with visualizations

Tap the visualization to make it active. When a visualization is active, you can make selections. On Apple devices, tap bookmarks to share visualizations with others.

Make selections by tapping and drawing in the different visualizations.

When you make a selection, all associated visualizations are updated immediately to reflect the selection. Confirm the selection by tapping  . Cancel a selection by tapping Cancel.

By default, new selections in a visualization are added to the previous ones. Deselect an item by tapping it.

The associative selection model

Selection options

In Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS, charts with a gesture icon gesture, for example treemaps and view data tables, indicate to users that selections can be made directly in the chart, without going into full screen mode, tooltips can be activated by long pressing on a leaf node, and tapping on the title bar will bring you into the chart's full screen mode.

Tap More to show a menu where you can select to view data as a table, and monitor the visualization in the hub. On Apple devices, you can also share visualizations with others.

In view data tables, you can sort on measures and dimensions, resize columns, bring the table into full screen mode, and make selections.

Select View data to see the treemap data as a table

Data in table format

Interacting with filter panes

If the Small screen layout for a sheet is set to List view, filter panes are not rendered on the sheet but are available from the Sheet filters section in the Selection panel.

If the Small screen layout for a sheet is set to Grid view, filter panes are rendered on the sheet.

Information noteThe small screen layout can be set in the sheet properties in Qlik Cloud, see Structuring an app using sheets.

Using the selections tool

The Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS selections tool gives an overview of every dimension and field in an app. It also gives a more detailed view of selected data, so that you can explore associations in dimensions that have not been used.

During analysis, expand Applied selections to open selections view.

The selections tool is divided into three sections: Current selections, Master items, and Available selections. The Current selections section displays the fields that have active selections. The Master items sections displays all master items contained in the app. The Available selections section displays all dimensions without an active selection. All sections are sorted alphabetically.

Selections tool

Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS selections tool

The selections tool has a search box that is useful when you have many dimensions and fields. You can search by field or dimension title. Your search string can consist of one or more words, or only a part of word. The search is not case sensitive, but only exact string matches are displayed.

You can make several selections consecutively. Tap  to confirm your selection. These dimensions will move up to Current selections.

You can clear a selection in a field by clicking Cancel. The field is then moved down to Available selections.

Bookmark selections

Use bookmarks when you analyze data, and find something interesting that you want to return to or share with others.

Bookmarks save your selections and a particular sheet location. Bookmarks can later be opened to restore the selections to a former state. Apply bookmarked selections to any sheet that has the same data as the sheet used to create the bookmark.

Bookmarks are usually created in the cloud hub, see Bookmarking selections.

You can also create basic bookmarks in Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS.

Creating a bookmark in Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS

Do the following:

  1. Make the selections on the sheet that you want to save as a bookmark.

  2. Tap Bookmark in the toolbar.

  3. Tap Create bookmark.

  4. Title: Enter a bookmark title.

    Warning noteDo not use a name already used by an alternate state.
  5. Description: Enter a description of the bookmark.
  6. Click Create.

Editing a bookmark in Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS

You can edit the title and the description of the bookmark in Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS.

Do the following:

  1. Tap Bookmark in the toolbar.

  2. Tap Bookmark on the bookmark you want to edit.

  3. Tap Edit.

Deleting a bookmark in Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS

You can delete a bookmark in Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS.

Do the following:

  1. Tap Bookmark in the toolbar.

  2. Tap Bookmark on the bookmark you want to delete.

  3. Tap Delete.